Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gotta Love Those Pay Days

Sparbs: I did in fact receive my payment after my 30 day plan expired and am also planning to make a new 15 day spend as soon as I'm done writing here. Great Job Admin!

Tomorrow morning at approx 11:30 AM EST, the PerfectAdSolution Time Matrix will restart. Best time to buy a new spot is right after the restart. I will be around for that if all goes well.
Also I completed 1 cycler and 2 time matrices today that resulted in a sweet $10 added to my account balance.
My first 5 positions did expire but I have plenty more active and will continue buying as long as this program keeps on doing what it's doing :)

Does anybody watch "The Bachelor" on TV besides me?
Glad to see Chris (the Farmer from Iowa) will be our next bachelor this fall. He was actually my favorite out of all of them last season.
Good Luck Chris. We'll be rooting for you :)

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