Saturday, August 16, 2014

You Just Can't Be Too Careful

ADZbliss: stats look good and some are funding ahead of time to be ready for Monday's launch. That's still a long ways away so I'll wait a bit on that.
** Late Saturday Update: Launch is delayed due to server issues. Stay tuned for the latest news on that. No, I still can't log in either.
*** Site is back. Launching on the 21st.

PAS is doing great. Even though the surf vacation fees have increased, it's worth it for me to pay for it else I'd miss 2 surfs a day.

AdzPays: still chugging along, received a small payment today and had enough to purchase a new share with my wallet balance.

As I was typing this note, received the following from
AdCashNetwork: (which really ticks me off that they let something like that happen. sheesh! I think I only have 1 referral who joined recently so I do hope they get all their money back. The members who joined early on should have been above BEP by now. But still it sucks.)

Dear members, 

Our hosting got suspended because of a Notice of trademark infringement done by, stating that we are intentionally trading on our goodwill by using the name ADCASH NETWORK which is not only confusedly similar to our trademark ADCASH ADVERTISING NETWORK .

So we can avoid any concerns here is the e-mail we received from them:
To whom it may concern,

Our company, Adcash , is the owner of International Trademark Registration No. 1137683 issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This mark is being used around the world in conjunction with our advertising services.

We have recently discovered that your company through its website is intentionally trading on our goodwill by using the name ADCASH NETWORK which is not only confusedly similar to our trademark ADCASH ADVERTISING NETWORK, but that also features services similar to our own.
Therefore it is clear that the use of the name ADCASH NETWORK is intended to confuse and misdirect customers seeking our services.

You are thus aware that your activities are unlawful and constitute intentional trademark infringement, trademark dilution and false designation.
Should you choose not to resolve this matter expeditiously, we are prepared to take all necessary legal action to pr otect our brand name, rights and business.

I remain available to discuss this matter with you.


Josepha Frier
Executive Coordinator


For sure this is not a real good point and they are just afraid because was growing too fast and we had different services so they couldn't state that as they only owned ADCASH.

I must admit it was our mistake too because we liked the name too much and we didn't researched more about it and see the problems we may encounter with it.
We could try to move the hosting to other but the same following problem will keep rising again and again, therfor it will be closed.

We will try to pay back as much as we can for people that invested and didn't get back their investment.

We are sorry for the problems we caused you or that you encountered on

Best Regards,
ACN Support

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