Friday, August 29, 2014

New Program Announced

A new high yield program that accepts STP
Say what?
Yeah I couldn't believe it either but here it is up close and personal.

Linum Fund LTD

Working on setting up my own account but will be back in a minute. OK back :)

- Plans: Professional and Advanced depending on how long you want your spend locked in for. I went with the Professional.

- Both plans start at $20 and there are no additional fees.
- Earnings are from 3.4% all the way to 4.8% daily.
- You can withdraw daily earnings (instant) but your principal is locked in for either 5 or 10 days.
- They just opened about 14 hours ago so definitely a good time to get registered and check it out.
- Besides STP they also accept EgoPay, Payeer, PM and Bitcoin.

I'm still jumping around the site reading a lot and it looks pretty good to me.

** One more thing, be sure the person you want to join under is showing as your Upline when you register. If not, clear cookies and click on their link again :)

Rev Share earnings in PAS are on hold until Monday when the new plans go into effect. I won't post the Update here because it's really long but you all should have it in your inbox if you're a member.


ld randi said...

Hello Blondie!
Just joined Linum Fund under you with a minimal deposit, good luck to all of us!

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)
It looks really good to me and getting a lot of attention already. Should be a fun ride!
Cheers & Good Luck

dr.capoon said...

I am in too.
I really like the effort administrator has put into this one. I guess that can't be left without a reward.

Cheers to all participants!
(and to the rest of the field too, of course)

blondie said...

Hey Capoon!!!
Long time no see.

Thanks for joining and I really am getting a bit excited about this one now.

I know we've both been watching to stats and they look really really good.

Cheers to you :)