Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Be Careful Out There

Supposed to rain here today. Looking forward to it as long as it doesn't flood like it has been in other areas.

Before I forget, if anyone gets an email Invite from me to join a new program... it's NOT from me! Some jackass is spamming using my email address as their sent from address. I DO NOT send spam email from this address or any other. Be careful.


AdCashNetwork: is going to launch at 3 AM MDT on Friday. Site says: launching Aug 7th but it will be Aug 8th my time if their countdown clock is right on.
Also their banner shows Ad Shares are $9, but their site example of RC is based on $10. I've asked them which is correct and waiting for their reply.*
And... still not seeing very much interest in this one, based on one of the main forums out there. So if earnings are based on true daily 'rev share', it might not be as profitable as we'd hope for.
Yes I'm a bit skeptical right now so I may or may not throw in my $9 or $10 when I wake up on Friday. But it certainly won't be at 3 AM, lol
* They will be $9.00 per share.

BRB. My friend Gord is trying to talk to me about cow manure at the moment. A little distracting I'd say, lol

(and there he is in my comments since I cut him off and told him I was trying to blog, hehe)

PAS: was going to start saving up for a cash out but changed my mind. Purchased two more rev share packs last night and another one today.

Normally after this long, I would be getting concerned about my "seed money", but I'm not. I do think this one was built for Long Term so that's how I've been playing it from the get-go :)

AdzPays: been reading how some members are cycling daily now. Well, they must have purchased a lot more Rev Packs than I did. I've cycled once so far but getting close to having enough in my 'cycler funds' to get another one soon. Maybe in the next day or two.

"Currency Manager" is where you look to find your cycler balance.

Ummm what else?

Oh I know. AdClickXpress... since the Restart, am still not getting any DSP for surfing the Matrix side. But my friend tells me he's not getting any DSP for surfing the Ad Side. Sounds a little bizarre doesn't it? Well, if the shoe fits, lol

It's lunch time.

Off to raid the fridge :)
Look what I found. Got a free bottle of this the other day. It's chocolate flavored coconut water that is supposed to hydrate and replenish my body. Ya think? Can't hurt to try. It tastes better than I thought it would. Bottoms Up.



Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Speaking of manure. It's one big cycle on a Dairy Farm. Farmers spread it on their fields.. nice thick, rich green grass, which the cows eat and repeat the cycle.

Also spread for good crop growth.

Scientists haven't figured out how to do that yet with use humanoids yet.

But! Some cities are into recycling it now I seen... a start... lol

Meanwhile, I look at at a small piece of beef for an outrageous $14 and opt for it being ground up into hamburger a couple days later for half price.

How that relates I'm not sure. Anyway... great post as always

blondie said...

Hey Gord,

Just couldn't get enough of that manure chat eh? lol

Actually I miss the smell. Ever since the City took over the farm behind my house, they don't go the extra mile to fertilize like the old farmers did. Shame too. That field could be a lot greener than it is now.