Friday, August 22, 2014

Putting It To Bed

Last note re: AdzBliss,
I did in fact request a refund via support ticket.
They wrote back and tried to talk me out of it.
I declined and asked for it again.
They wrote back again offering me 75% of my spend.
I declined again and asked for the full amount pointing out that I had not withdrawn any RC or earnings. All I wanted was my original spend back.
My ticket was replied to overnight but when I tried to open it, it had already been deleted. So I checked my account and found my original spend back in my balance... no more, no less. I requested the cash out and was paid instantly. Yes, I got lucky. Now I can finally put this to bed!
Wish they would delete my account though so I stop receiving their emails but oh well. I can always spam them out.

Good Luck to those of you who are trying to get a refund and Good Luck to those of you who decided to play it out too.

PAS: I was here at 9 pm last night and I did purchase a new Matrix spot. It cycled out pretty quick so I bought one more using the earnings from that. Today I think I have enough to buy another rev pack. Now don't let me forget cause I haven't done it yet :)

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