Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ADZbliss - Do Not Join

ADZbliss launched about 20 minutes late but it did launch. Made my purchase and will see how much it 'shares' in 30 minutes.
- Well, I earned .02 cents on $40 spent in the first 30 minutes. So now the question becomes, is this % capped or is there an error? Waiting for the next round to see if it gets any bigger.
-- Appears to be a capped 2% daily program which is split up and shared every 30 minutes. Unless it's an error in the script, seems a lot of members were fooled or we didn't read between the lines. In any case, I'm sure the Admin is taking a lot of heat right now from members. This is NOT the rev share that it was advertised to be. So let's see what happens before the complaints start going out.

--- Too late. Everyone is angry that they were duped. Including me. I'm going to ask for a refund and if that doesn't come, file a dispute with STP. I haven't done that for several years but this was the biggest mess I've seen in a long long time!!

OK, onto better things...

A week from today my plan expires in SPARBS.

Sure am looking forward to that.

PAS is working exactly as advertised, unlike 'other' new launches out there. (snicker)

Bought myself another Rev Share yesterday and will probably do the same later today. Actually I just did ;)
Also: This email is to notify you that you have just cycled a position in the TimeMatrix.

AdzPays: just cycled a spot and will cash out / re-spend in a few minutes.
Congratulations!!! You have just cycled your Straight Line Cycler 4006 and earned $3 (120%) to your cash balance. Thank you for supporting us. AdzPays.Net

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