Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Updates

LinumFund which was announced here on Friday just sent out their first newsletter. Here it is for those of you who may be sitting on the fence and not yet registered:

Hello dear investors.

Our project was launched only recently, but we already have some important news.

1. Start of the project turned out really grandiose, I admit honestly – we didn't expect to get such success. For the first two days 750 new members already joined us, from them 550 have active deposits. Total amount of deposits is about $65,000. We are very glad that our project was pleasant to you and we will make everything not to betray your trust and expectations.

2. Many requests for receiving the status of “Regional Representatives” arrived to us. All your requests will be considered soon. Members, whose requests will be approved, will receive the corresponding confirmation on the email at the beginning of the next week. Respectively the “Regional Representatives” page will start replenishing on Tuesday-Wednesday.

3. A lot of investors ask us about addition of new payment systems. Concerning new payment systems I can tell the following:

- OkPay – we aren't going to add this system. We don't think that many investors will use it, and the blocking of accounts is sometimes observed in this system.

- PayPal – we too aren't going to work with this system. PayPal doesn't work with such projects, and the beginning of work with them can lead us to blocking of our account. 
And we don't want to risk yours (and ours) money.

- Payza - we hope to connect soon. Merchant department promised that procedure of
verification will take from 2 to 5 days. We undergo this procedure two weeks already. A
problem that support of Payza responds to messages too long. Therefore we won't speak about any concrete terms. As soon as we undergo verification procedure – we will report about it in news.

4. After registration of an account don't forget to specify details of your payment processors in the section “Payment details”. Also be attentive at a deposit conclusion, check to what payment account you withdraw the means. Especially it concerns BitCoin because often you withdraw funds for that address from which deposit was made (and it can be not that address which you planned to use).

5. Unfortunately, the start of the project took place not so smoothly. Yesterday the mistake connected with a choice of investment plans was revealed. An error was corrected during yesterday's technical works.

If your deposit was made in wrong plan (not one that has been chosen by you) just send us request to and we will fix it. Also 10-15 investors at change of the investment plan could have a doubling of the deposit or you could not receive daily charges – in such case write us on and we will correct everything quickly.

We apologize for inconveniences. We will try to avoid similar problems further.

Warmest Regards,
Marcus Jordan

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