Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Again :)

I don't know about you but sometimes, if I don't make notes, I forget things. So here it goes...

PAS: tomorrow at 11 AM MDT the new Time Matrix resets and starts again. I need to be here for that. If you can't be here at that time, just purchase your new Matrix as soon as you can afterwards.

ACN countdown clock has been changed so it could open tomorrow afternoon my time. Hmmm Well, I might just play with a small spend in that case, if it's the correct time that is.
* Sent in a ticket asking. Will let you know.
** Well now the site says launching at 11:00 AM (+1 GMT) so is that for tomorrow? Will it be 3 AM my time like I first thought? This should not be this difficult.
*** Ticket Reply: (I assume he means tonight?)
Launch time in your area will be 03:00 am ( -6 GMT Time ).
Best Regards


SPARBS: early next week the first 15 day plans should be expiring. I bought a 30 day so I have to wait a little longer.

ACX: my silver membership expires tomorrow and believe it or not, it has paid off for me so I will be renewing it again.

What did I forget?

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