Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fast and Furious... Not!

AdzBliss is giving refunds to those who feel they were tricked into believing the program was something that it's not. We all thought this was a real profit share with actual profit earnings coming every 30 minutes. Now that we realize they've capped the daily to 2% or so, it's not so exciting. (to me anyway)
How to request:
- submit a support ticket to AdzBliss
- wait for the support ticket to be 'resolved'
- your spend should be moved back to your balance
- then you can login and request the withdraw.
I just submitted my ticket 30 mins ago so will let you know when it's refunded.

PS, I did not withdraw ANY earnings or RC from this program. All I want back is my original spend.
My apologies for even sharing this one with you but who knew it was so wrongly written and advertised.

PPS, if you're happy with the program, please continue on but just be careful of it. Not sure how long it can last after all the opening day commotion.

PAS: for those who are awake at 11 PM EDT, the time matrix will restart. Best time to buy new is right after that. So I'll try to be here at 9 PM my time to make my new $9 spend.
Also today I cashed out and received $10.66. Next in line, more purchasing of rev shares. Thumbs Up!

AdzPays: cashed out today a mere $5 and also had enough to purchase a new rev share from my wallet.


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