Monday, August 25, 2014

Gone Fishing

You thought I had gone fishing, didn't ya? lol
Sorry for not posting all weekend but there really wasn't much to post about.

This morning, right as I was logging on here, a Police car drove by. Then another and another and ... what the heck is going on?
Well, about 6 of them ended up at the corner of my street along with a Sheriff's vehicle (equipped with a shot gun), a fire and rescue truck and another big fire truck.
Since I was still in my jammies and in no shape to go outside to see what all the commotion was about, tried to catch something on the news. Yeah, there was a news truck here too but as of Noon, nothing has been shown.
Sure hope it wasn't a Bear sighting or a Coyote attack.
I'll let you know later once I hear more.

SPARBS: my 30 day plan expires tomorrow or the next day. Can't hardly wait :))

Waiting to hear from PAS admin about surfing.
My surf vacation has run out and not sure if I need to purchase a new one yet or not.

Below is a new update from AdzPays. It's been doing great for me and I do hope to see this one around for a long time to come.

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for your kind support and a warm welcome to all new members. I have to apologize for a long time without sending updates. I was offline due to some health issues and family commitments. But, of course, all support tickets and issues were all promptly attended to by my support aids and sometimes I answer on mobile too.

So far, AdzPays has surpassed every expectation from launch. We started off as a cycler system, but had to implement some changes due to obvious reasons and it was good we made those changes.

Our Statistics so far:
About $8,000 worth of Revenue Packs have already expired
Over 1100 positions have cycled in our cycler system and its still moving
Over $20,000 earned by members and lots and lots of instant cashouts till date.

I only ask for continued member support. We pay out many withdrawals daily and instantly, but only a very tiny handful (almost same people) are sharing their payment proofs on forums and income boards. I only ask that we work together. ... And together we can make it happen and achieve anything. Some people gave up and decided to try out the next shiny thing, but some stayed and worked the system and we already have people in profit ranging from 120% to over 500%. I hope you will support us more.

Moving forward, and and for the greater good of all, we wish to implement the following changes immediately:
Revenue Share Packs will earn upto 130% ROI; and 10% will feed the cycler balance. Rev shares will be distributed 4 times daily, that is every 6 hours. So from Rev Packs alone, you can earn 117% and with the cycler you can earn above 130% (and with the right strategy of building your account, you can earn even more.)

Also try to login and make use of your Ewallet balance to make purchases; it helps feed our Rev Share pool to keep our profit sharing higher per day.

Once again, understand that these changes are for the greater good of all. We are no scammers and with your support, we shall be here long long time to come.

Thank you and God bless.
Admin Juby

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