Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where's The Rain Toto?

They keep telling me it's going to rain here but it never rains at my house. I think it's going out east, all the way to Kansas to visit with Dorothy and Toto, lol

SPARBS: woohoo! My 30 day plan has expired and I just requested a cash out to my account. Now, how much should I put back in is the question. Seems to be doing just find and it's on day 32 I believe.
Thanks Admin :)

PAS: tonight after the midnight run, the first 5 rev shares I bought will be expiring. Seems like it took a long time but this IS a long term program. Of course I've been purchasing more along the way so have plenty of them active right now and will probably be replacing them as they expire.
* Just heard back from Admin re: the daily surf requirement. Since I'm not online all night, I've been purchasing a lot of 'vacation' time. But soon, I won't have to do that any longer. He wrote:
New surfing rules are scheduled to be implemented by our programmer between 28th and 1st. Sorry we couldn't get an earlier date but his schedule is quite busy.

AdzPays: steady as she goes.

Have you noticed how many programs open weekly these days? Are these being run by experienced admins from our past or wannabe's trying to make a quick buck or two?

Regardless of how many 'spams' I get per day, I can't afford to join anything and everything that comes along. I don't have 'extra' funds to spend and need to be super careful with my own money and what I promote.

I do have a feeling though that September is going to be a good month for us. Summer is coming to an end and more of our experienced Admins will be back in action. Yippee!

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