Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man. you just can't take any time off here!

While I was out grocery shopping (to the tune of $200+ bucks and 2 hours plus) a couple of PAC emails came through to me. So rather than trying to comprehend everything right this minute, I'm going to borrow a few words from John, (and I'm sure he won't mind .. will ya js? Naw, you don't mind right? And I'm gonna modify it just a bit to for me. Thanks hun :)

Summary of PAC Announcement (links are are the right and this is my interpretation of the changes):

First off the payouts this week are as usual at PacForAll. After this Friday the Ladies will change the script so that payouts will then take place after the spends expire (so you will be paid on the 12th day, the day of expiry). The reason for this is to lower the workload of doing payouts as membership is growing rapidly.

Membership fees are being eliminated at PAC Rev Share. And that's a good thing as it will allow more folks to join and partake in the fun of making money.

Additionally a 12 x 12 surf plan will be introduced at PAC Rev Share. This is independent of PACforAll and should generate more funds for PAC Rev Share so we should see the daily ROI there go up.

And now for something completely different! Icing on the cake! The Ladies are going to pay back all members of PAC Rev Share their recent membership fees! Wow! I can't believe how good and honest and generous these Admins are! Have you heard of any such thing from the other programs out there? No! Am sure of it. This is unheard of! I am discombobulated.

Now, I see these as positive changes in order to keep the programs running and generating more bucks for everyone, no matter when they have joined or will join. Read more about the changes in the e-mail that the Ladies sent out.

Finally I must reiterate: use the 50/50 rule that I talk about. If you follow it you will most likely get into profit, or at least a no loss situation, depending upon, of course, how long the programs will last, and that is up to the players, you, in other words.

So... having said that? Rejoice! And go out and play! Be sure to come back for dinner!

One more thing: The Ladies just said that the 50/50 rule no longer will apply at PAC Rev Share! Woohoo! That means we can withdraw our FULL earnings with no further deposits. But... I urge you all to play the game! Ok? You know what I mean!

What a nice post eh?
Still waiting for John's approval (for me to post it) but he can spank me if need be. Right?

And a little more from Kazzy (via MMG forum) if the above wasn't clear enough:

Hi folks smile.gif

I think most questions have been answered by our wonderful members but I'll try to explain them again..

1. If you have purchased any adpacks before today, September 9th then earnings from them can be requested on Friday. If they are still active after Friday then you can request the remaining earnings when the adpack expires. So if you purchased $100 last Saturday, you can request 5x12% of $100 = $60 on Friday, paid on Saturday and then the remaining $84 on expiry which is the following Saturday.

2. Any Adpacks purchased from today onward will be paid on their expiry. E.G. Adpacks bought today will expire on the 23rd and you can request to withdraw it then. You still need to request a withdrawal but you wont have to wait a day for it to be paid.

3. Daily payouts means we will be paying daily to adpacks that have expired. smile.gif


Hi guys smile.gif

We forgot to mention the 50/50 rule will no longer be used. As long as you surf daily you will earn 100% of the weekly rebate and 12% daily if you are in the new plan. wink.gif


Hope I get a good nights sleep tonight.
Happy Birthday Jessica Morrison!
Can't believe you guys didn't call me this morning before you left for Mexico!
Wanted to sing Happy Birthday to You!!!
Dang kids :(
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