Saturday, September 5, 2009

Now That The Dust Has Settled ...

I've decided to join MyMarketShares today. I didn't go with the flow when this first opened. I chose to wait until the time was right for me :)
Anyway, you'll see the banner here on the right, and I'm going to borrow a few words from Gord who wrote about it in his blog last night. (thanks "G")

Let's go over the basics... Revenue share is 75% and the Referral Commissions are 15% for personally sponsored downline member's spends. All the major payment processors are accepted and like the PremiumAdsClub programs there is a wallet, which requires funding
before purchasing adpacks named PIPs. a $10 pip is the minimum to earn rebates in the program and they expire at 200%.

The script rotator indicates how many pages you need or have left to surf on a given day and rebates go into accounts on Sunday night. According to the number of members joining per day and with 50% upgraded, this profit share will soon be a household name amongst us surfers. I'll go ahead and dub it MMS for short. "

- Plus the surf is automated so you don't have to sit and click them all.
- And I'm only member #454, so plenty of room to get to 60K like that "other" AdShare program did, right? lol
- PIPs are $1 each (just so you don't sit there staring at the screen wondering how many you can buy with the funds you just put into your wallet, like I did)
Ahhhhhhh what else?


gord said...


Thanks for mentioning me in your writeup almost makes


blondie said...

Well it made sense to me, and you know I'm not the brightest candle shining here.
Thanks for letting me borrow it Gord :)