Sunday, September 6, 2009

Short Sunday

Decided to sleep today as long as I could, and it felt reeeally good. Yawnnnn!

Just caught up on my reading over at the MMG forum for all the programs I'm in. I was surprised at all the 'new' members or normally quiet MMG members posting in the PAC threads .. especially PACforAll. Lots of happy folks there since yesterday was pay day for us :) Go see it here if you're interested.


OK ... my brain is going in a dozen different directions right now so I'll be back once it gets settled down on one or two things.


After joining MyMarketShares yesterday, I found things were a little confusing (since I did not play in AV4U), so off I went to search out the answers to any questions I had. Thanks to newsletters, alerts, public forums and blogs etc ... here's some basic information. This should get you started at least. And thanks to Austin for emailing these nice easy to follow lists below:

"Here are the specs:
- Each PIP(1$) Expires at 200%
- 15% Referral Comm. on new purchases and rollover
- Max weekly ROI set at 20% (as opposed to the 14% at the other Rev-Shares)
- R.C. is automatically credited to your account
- 5 withdrawals per week are allowed
- Earnings will be posted every Tuesday night for Wednesday Cashout or Rollover
- Pips expire the same as we are used to from other sites of this kind.
- Upgrades and RC is processor specific ( if you upgrade with alertpay then you must withdraw to alertpay)
- 2:1 credits for surfing
- Credits given for Rollover and on initial purchases
- No monthly Fees!

Instructions for upgrading are as follows:
1) Fund your wallet with whatever processor you use
2) After funding click on purchase pips
3) Choose your pip package and click confirm
4) Check your back office to confirm you purchase went through
5) Be sure to surf 15 sites daily to earn your weekly Rebate."

Alrighty then ... off to enjoy the rest of my day :))


Not quite yet, lol
Here's some additional info for AdShares4U from their home page:

New week starts on Monday and Ends On Saturday.
Rebate Earnings are posted on Sundays.
Cashout buttons is open on Mondays for Rebate withdrawals.
Rebate Rollover Done on Wenesdays.
Ref. Commission button is open on Thursdays.

Now I'll be the first to admit I tried to sneak in a ref comm withdraw last Tues or Wed for $11 bucks. I don't have it yet and am wondering if I'll receive it this Thursday. So stay tuned on that and don't go overboard on this one until we know for a fact that it's real AND paying. Sound like a plan?

UPDATE: Received my $11 payment Monday AM. Whew!


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