Monday, September 21, 2009

Attn: Original PAC'ers

Just got word that a gal in MMG (Mordk) has started a thread to 'pay it forward' to help the Original PAC Members who are still waiting for their refund. There are conditions so please read the below to see if you might qualify, then visit the thread which is called "PAC to PAC-RS Profit Donations", READ the entire first note and write to Mordk if you think you're a candidate.

To be eligble you must follow these criterias though;
1. You are waiting for a refund from PAC and have not participated in the new PAC or any of the sister sites.
2. You have received less than $5 in refunds from PAC so far.
3. You must post in this thread OR send me a PM if you wish to be in this draw.

When you visit there, you will see that several of us have offered to help with the 5$ donations to keep the ball rolling. I do believe PAC has a long way to go and am happy to be a part of this kind gesture.


The PACforAll withdraw button is LIVE today! If you have an expired ad pack ready to cash out .. go for it! I've decided not to withdraw the small ref. comm's I have in my account. I'm going to wait 2 more days until my oldest ad pack is expired (I have 5 running) and combine the money then. Hate to make Kazzy work so hard for so little to me. Make sense?


Also rumor has it that the PAC-Revenue-Share withdraw button will be open soon for the 12x12 expired plans. Don't get too anxious. Just check periodically. (wink)


AdShares4U ...
:. Monday - Cashout Button open for Both Rebate and Commission Withdrawals
:. Tuesday - Auto Roll Over Of Rebates and Commissions
I have such a small purchase in this one that I'm going to let it roll again :)


Just sent Amber $5 for her birthday via the Birthday Bonus Club. Happy Birthday Amber! One more to go for me this year and that's it :)) YaY!


It is only 41 degrees F right now, windy and raining. Brrrrrrrr
And here's the proof (pic taken from my kitchen window).
While pouring coffee decided to look at the Mountains (now that I can see them (they were covered with clouds earlier)) and OH! What is that? SNOW? Are you kidding me? Yes I'm as shocked as you are! :-o


Was notified from GoDaddy that it's time to renew my blondiesblog website address. OK, I got no problem with that. So I thought I'd look to see if the DOT COM was available yet for the title I'm using.
I checked and it says: "Click here for some free porn ..."
HOLY CRAP! Just so you know, that's NOT ME! I am at NOT DOT COM. Dang those pornsters!



HermitJim said...

Blondie...I hope you have on your multi-colored socks with the toes...and your snuggy! Those temps are good hugging weather, ya know?

Stay warm, my friend!

blondie said...

Jim...always there with a hug :)
Yeah it sure is cold in here today. Wonder if I can type in mittens?
Later friend!