Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really need to catch up here today so I've decided to do a play-by-play with (hopefully) quick notes. Not like yesterday, ha!

1) MyMarketShares ... my rebate rolled over like I wanted it to, and just finished surfing my 15 sites for today (on auto). You must surf every day here to earn the max weekly profit share.

2) AdShares4U ... surfed a few here also. Remember we gotta surf 70 sites per week. Doesn't matter which days as long as it's between Mon-Sat. They changed their weekly schedule a bit. Here's the new one:

:. New Surfing Week begins Monday and End On Saturday
:. Sunday - Revenue Sharing Rebates Distributed
:. Monday - Cashout Button open for Both Rebate and Commission Withdrawals
:. Tuesday - Auto Roll Over Of Rebates and Commissions

3) MyAdsClub ... well dang. I was hoping this one would keep growing but it seems to have slowed to a crawl. Don't see any promotion for it except for it rolling by on the surf sites once in a while, (and it's probably my own Ad I'm seeing, hehe). So unless you're a really good promoter, don't join just for the spillover. I don't see it happening. (sorry to say that, but I must) PS, the Admin just sent out an update while I was typing this note. Let's hope it sparks more interest.

4) PACforAll ... if you have active purchases that were running prior to yesterday, you still need to wait for Friday to request a cash out. Then when that purchase expires, you can cash out the rest. New purchases starting yesterday will be paid on expiry (12 days). You DO need to request the payout. It's not automatic.

5) PAC-Revenue-Share ... yesterdays ROI was 3%. The new weekly ROI will be from 14% - 35%. You do NOT need to purchase the 50% of your earnings any longer to earn the Max. YaY! Just don't forget to surf :)
And they've added a 12% x 12 Day Plan to the program. You'll see it when you click on "Purchase Ad Packs".
Will I be playing in that one too? Absolutely!!!
Also NO More Membership Fees AND they will be refunding the M.Fee we paid about a month ago! How's that for customer service?!?

6) PremiumAdsClub ... lots of changes there too, right? And I won't lie to ya. I've not played in it for quite a while. Realized I could make a few bucks faster with their other sites. So any referral comm's I may have made here, have gone to the Admins. And that's just fine in my book. They deserve it :)

7) GoldNuggetInvest ... just requested my weekly earnings to cash out. What else can I say? This one just keeps going and going. (all smiles)

8) ChocolateRecipes ... (hang on a sec ... am laughing) OK, well this little recipe book for $5 did NOT earn me $2k like the 'other' stay at home Mum mentioned on the site. Guess I'm just not promoting it in the right places. Anyway I've made a whopping 4 dollars so far. Don't laugh. Or don't laugh AT me, laugh WITH me. Okie dokie? That I can live with :D

Alright that's enough for now.
Besides, my butt hurts from sitting in this chair since 6:30 A.M. Guess I need to go wiggle it around for awhile, haha
Found some wiggle / exercise music too.
Have a great day!


HermitJim said...

Good lord...! Where did you find this one...! Makes me realize just how old I'm getting, for sure!

I think I remember the teacher showing us how to do this little dance about 100 years ago when I was in grade school!

That's alright...I'll get ya back, blondie!

blondie said...

Oh Jim, :D
Those were the days eh?
(100 yrs ago .. hehe)

Well I needed to move my butt around so that was just the song that came to mind. Glad you enjoyed it!

Later :)

Jim said...

Anything happening at 10DW these days? Site seems to have fallen on hard times. Anyone cycling? I know for a fact I certainly am not and I have lots of active positions!

blondie said...

Hmmm Was thinking I should mention 10dw in todays post. I dunno.
The only spots cycling seem to be the ones purchased AFTER April 1st.
Very sad :(

blondie said...

See what you started Jim?
See my Sat post.
Thanks :)