Thursday, September 24, 2009


As you can see, I've joined AdRebatesPro. Will work on a write-up for them right now. Banner is on the right :)

4:00 PM Update:
OK, you may have heard about this one already. I did wait these 2 days to make sure all the little bugs were out of the program first .. and it's gettin there.

Run by a gal named Diane who is having much success with her AdsDailyPro program. I never did join that one but I've heard that she is the best thing since sliced bread! Another good honest reliable Admin that we can place a pretty good bet on.

- This is a Profit Share - Surf Site
- There are 3 levels of Membership (Free, Gold and VIP)
- Surf 20 sites per day (semi-auto) to earn a daily rebate of 2% - 10%
- Ad packs expire at 140%
- Cash out is 1 or 3 times per week, depending on your membership level
- Upgrades are $10 each
- Accepts all our standard pay processors
- Daily ROI will show up after midnight server time
- Compounding IS allowed from cash balance, min. $10
- No 50/50 rule for upgrades and payouts

So I joined, I upgraded (buy adshares), I surfed. Guess that's it until tomorrow eh? It's getting late in the day here and I'm losing my concentration thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner :P

So until tomorrow... keep smilin :)


I've not seen Sunshine for several days now and I think it's started to affect my mood. Oh wait ... I see a light peeking out around the clouds. Wow! I must have special powers or something, haha


Remember NOT to do anything yet in the PAC-RS site until we get word from Kazzy that the server is moved and we can get back to business. Could be another 12 hours or so. Sit tight.


AdShares4U is having STP problems. So if you're expecting a cash out via STP, they will pay you through Alert Pay or Strict Pay. Log into your profile and Add your AP or SP ID's so that you can receive your funds :)


Received a private invitation to join yet another Matrix that is in pre-launch. I'll pass. I haven't done that well in them and barely get my own money back. Not to mention my poor referrals who may never see a dime. I know some like to launch these things for their own (rc) benefit ... but I'm gonna stay away from it. I don't want you guys to lose any money there, and most people do.



Randy said...

I know how you feel about sunshine. We went for over a week but nothing but gloomy skies and no sun and rain. That's enough to depress anyone. I need the sun. Sounds like winter is getting to you early with the snow and cold. I love Fall but not winter. Hopefully you will get a nice Fall before the cold is here for good.

Have a great weekend!

HermitJim said...

Guess you are going to have to break out the snow shoes pretty soon!

I'll send you some sun from Texas, providing we get any more...OK?

blondie said...

Hey Randy,
After the clouds go and rain go away this morning, supposed to be nothing but warm and sun for the next 3 days. That'll be nice :)

Jim, Snow Shoes!
Holy cow! Wonder where I put them? haha
Thanks for the Sun coming my way. It should be here in a few hours from now.

Thanks you guys!