Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's My Snuggie? & 10DollarsWonder Please Read

It's about 12:30 PM here, 54 degrees F outside and 59F in my house. Where's my Snuggie?

Is it just me or does this outfit make you like like a Monk? And have you seen their commercials? They make them for Dogs now too!

Wonder if Lou dog and Jake would like one for Christmas?

Damn, I'm glad I can entertain myself. I'm sittin here laughing my ass off while I post this. LOL


Sorry I'm late today, I've been busy watching the thread over at the MMG forum for the PACforAll paid posts ..and there are a LOT of em! Yes, today is our payday for our previous spends. Rock on!


Someone asked me yesterday about 10DollarsWonder. So I guess I should mention it. Should I? Maybe? Sorta? Ahhh not sure if it's worth it. Let me think it through for a bit.

OK after much consideration I've decided it's not worth talking about. Yes I know I'm in the "top promoters list" over at 10dw. So what. Just means I was the support person there at one point in time, and so was Missi. But Admin won't answer any of my emails (or hers) any longer. And he's not posted any kind of update since June 8th. That's just wrong in my book.
From what I can tell, ONLY purchases made since April 1st are cycling. If you have older active positions, forget it. They're not doing anything.
I was trying to let my cycles build up to the point where I could withdraw. Didn't happen. Why? Because I did not purchase new in 30 days, the damn script made a purchase for me.
And what ever happened to the 10CentClub? That was the old e2epay moving over to a new name. Yeah right :( It's been how long now? A Year and a half since that was "put on hold"? Shit.
Well that gave him plenty of time to clean out the Alert Pay and STP accounts. Don't you think?
Yes, if you've noticed ... I have removed those sites from my blog. I can't be involved with this farce of a program any longer.
And those who are still promoting it? Wake Up and Smell the Roses! As rotten as they may be.

PS, those of you who visit my blog via the 10DollarsWonder site link ... please please bookmark me. Cause who knows when the site will just be gone?!?

And I've found better ways to make money than 10dw. Believe me.




Missi Mi said...

Hey Blondie

I hear ya on the 10 DW front. I only just recently sent in ANOTHER support ticket regarding the 10 centclub and you guessed it . STILL no reply. I would recommend this to no-one .

As for the snuggies they remind me of hospital gowns with the draft hole in the back. They should have put a zip on it.

Makes me wish I thought of putting arms on a blanket lol.

Have a great day

blondie said...

Hey Missi :)
Glad I got your attention!
Well I've been sending emails via his personal address, and still zip. What a jackass.

ONG you made me laugh about the Snuggies looking like a hospital gowns?
Always loved those peep holes in the back of em! hahaha

OK, on a more serious note:
Good to see you kiddo. It's been a long time. Hope you're doing well.
And do keep in touch.

js said...

Hey, besides 10dw, you still get the most post/limks from me. Yours truly. js. Oki?


blondie said...

That is very true js :)
But I'm not worried about you disappearing.

Missi Mi said...

Hey blondie,
Im often quiet in the background but you always got my attention :-), I still follow you daily.

On the Snuggie front I dont know what advertising you get for it .. but over here there is a shot in one ad of this young girl on the side lines at a footy match in one ... she just looks hilarious! Couldnt you just imagine all the football and soccer mums on cold winter weekends in their kids team coloured snuggie !!!

I do think there needs to be a petition to put them in hospitals ... theyd be the bomb in the wards!



blondie said...

Missi you've always been so sweet. Am glad we met thru the channels, lol

Think I've seen one where they are all outdoors at an arena dressed in those Monk outfits! Yes its hilarious :D

Might do well in the hospitals. Would be warmer than those other things they dress you in! hehe

Thanks again for dropping by.
Guess you noticed I didn't update today. Should get back to work tomorrow though.

Have a great day kiddo!