Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy BirthMonth Jessica!

My daughter-in-law Jess thinks BirthDAYS are too short. So she has a Birth Month every year in September (gotta love her for that!!)
But this month on her BirthDAY ... they were in Mexico.
So I had planned a dinner for when they got home. I made Lasagna and took it to their house (along with garlic toast, of course) for her Birthday/month dinner.

When we got there, Jake was patiently waiting on the Patio.

Then of course Louis and Jake had to put on their Party Hats to join us in celebrating their "Mama's" Birthday!

Now ... does this Cake look like a Giraffe or a Cow?
It's supposed to be a Giraffe cause Jess loves giraffe's. But when I picked it up at the store, the gals thought it was cow also.
Well Jess recognized it AS A giraffe right away ... whew! lol

As you can see .. she really really liked it!

So we lit the candles and sang!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear J-Mo!
Happy Birthday to You!!!

Here is one of her gifts that my Grand Puppies picked out for their "Mama". One of many Boxer items they forced me to buy from PetSmart :)

That is a Boxer Mouse Pad which came with 2 Boxer Coasters. She also got a Boxer Coffee Mug, Boxer Key Chain, Boxer Calendar and a Boxer Nail File.
(Remind me NOT to take the grand puppies shopping anymore, ok?)
Just kidding!
Shopping is Fun when it's for someone else :)

So Happy Birthday(month) again Jessica!
Hope you're having a Wonderful Month so far!
Love You,

PS, if you just got here ...
Tuesdays business posts are in the first Tues post.
Look down down down !!!


Jess said...

Very cute mom!! LOVED the cake and the gifts! xoxo J Mo

blondie said...

You're very welcome J Mo :)
And you've got another WEEK to celebrate, right? lol
Enjoy your Birth Month!
Love you!