Monday, September 7, 2009

Bottoms Up

The last program I wrote about yesterday will be the first one I talk about today. AdShares4U paid my $11 ref. comm. just a few minutes ago :) Here's their latest Update so if you have something you can withdraw, do it today.

Hello Members,
Rebate was distributed yesterday. Our members can now cashout. You can withdraw both your ref. commission and rebate earnings today. The cashout button is open until 12PM server time.

STP Cashouts!
STP asked us to provide an extra documentation as such, they put our STP account pending verification. We have applied for this document and it will take another 5 working days to get this document.

So in this first week of withdrawal, we are unable to make STP withdrawals. Starting next week, we shall start doing STP withdrawals.

That is why we encourage all our members to withdraw with Alertpay at the moment until we can make cashout with STP.

Starting next week, that will be all resolved.

LR Withdrawal Request:
We do not have much in LR for withdrawals. most people usually use AP or STP for deposits. We are low on LR withdrawals and cannot fulfill LR withdrawals at the moment.

If you are making withdrawals via Alertpay, you will be paid within the next 24hrs.

Thanks for your understanding.
Best Regards,

One more UPDATE from ME: I just requested another payment and received it in about 5 minutes! Now that's fast !!!
So they've passed their first test with flying colors. Good news in my book :))


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