Sunday, September 20, 2009

You'll Never Know ... WOW!

I'm taking the day off today.
I think I wrote enough yesterday to last all week anyway. But LOOK what I found on youtube!!! I've been searching for this song for years and years and more years. Until now, it's been guarded quite heavily. Not sure how this person snuck it onto youtube, but I'm glad they did.
Just so you know, this song was not done by The Beatles. Even though the person who created it put them all in there. It is a Ringo Starr song and the first time I heard it was at the end of the movie "Curly Sue" filmed in 1991.
So Randy, that explains your comment now.
Enjoy :))



PS, Paul in Hawaii? Do you remember helping me look for this song back in the day? Hope you enjoy hearing it too.


Randy said...


Thanks for the song. I don't remember this one and you know how I love the Beatles.

Thanks for finding it and putting it on.

Have a great Sunday!

blondie said...

I updated my post because of your comment. Now you know :)