Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just A Quick Update ...

- AdRebatesPro is off to a great start. Yes I joined 2 days after launch, and that's OK with me. Not everyone has to get into these things on day one, ya know? I'm happy as heck with it and if you're just now coming here via my Alert, scroll down to Thur's post on the 24th for details.

- PACforAll has decided to allow "compounding" from your rebate balance. They are charging a 3% fee for that but you save your own pay processor fees plus 5-7 business days waiting for your payment. Yes they also changed the 'terms' for payouts from 3 biz days to 5-7. So plan accordingly.

- PAC-RS site is still down, being moved to a new server. Remember when you see it come back, NOT to login or anything. Kazzy and/or EL will let us know when the coast is clear.
9:00 PM MST Update:

Hi guys,

Sorry for not updating sooner. Our hosting was causing a problem and they seem in no hurry to help us.. sigh. So, we have bought new hosting. Everything is moved but we need Gotenks to update the new details in his script and he wont be on tomorrow. I don't think it will take him too long, so we should be back on track sometime on monday.

Please let your downline know if you can as we can't send out as mass email yet. smile.gif


- Sorry ... feeling a little serious today and I'm not sure why. So who's the wise-guy that borrowed my sense of humor? huh? huh? I'd like it back as soon as you're done with it.


Curt said...

Those would be red flags with any other program. I understand the move, but with this industry, lots of people will see that as a sign that they're in trouble and bail. But who knows, with their reputation, maybe it won't happen this time.

blondie said...

I think PAC-RS will be fine. These things do happen and there's nothing we can do about it.
And you're right, if it were some other 'unknown', we'd be packing getting ready to move on, lol

Curt said...

I'm sure the RS will be fine. I was talking more about the 12x12 part.

blondie said...

Oh ok.
Been thinking about he pros and cons of that myself.
Guess we just need to keep an eye on how it goes huh?