Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time To Bring Out The Socks

Thank goodness Summer is about over and we can get back to making some decent bucks here on the net. Do you realize Tues, the 22nd will be the first day of Autumn? Wow. Can't say that I mind one bit. Never did like the heat all that much, so Fall weather is a blessing for me. Oh hey .. I wonder if those socks have any money leftover in em from last year? Let me go check.


PACforAll ... if you've been following me in this one since the beginning, you should definitely be in profit now and 'playing' with earned money. Are ya? I don't think it's too late to join now since their Motto is "Get Set For Christmas 2009!". Plus they've passed the one million mark in deposits. Let's hope those who are playing keep playing and new members coming in will also make it more concrete. I myself made a new deposit there this morning. I'm in for another round, or five, lol


Why does my Cat always bug me when I'm trying to work here? And it's not the slender cat. It's the One-Ton-Tomato Cat that always wants to sit on my lap. Sheesh!


Just made another deposit in the PAC-Revenue-Share 12x12 also. I feel really good about this one too and they're Paying like clockwork. And you know, the old PAC members who are getting refunds will be joining us in PAC-RS. So there will be "new blood" there.. so to speak. Am sure once those new folks get more involved, they'll love it as much as we do :)


Now it's time to give a big Thank You to Gord of GordsHomeBiz for mentioning me in his blog post yesterday. Gord is one of the most unselfish bloggers in this industry I have ever met. While others may try to "pull the wool over your eyes" just to make a quick buck, I've found Gord to be quite the opposite.
OK, I've just gotta share this story with you ...
I have an online friend who was asking Gord about a new program. Gord did recommend it to him but suggested he join under ME since I was the one who got them acquainted. Well the guy goofed and joined under Gord anyway. So what did Gord do??? He went out of his way to send me the Referral Commission that he received from that guy joining that program. Can You Believe It?
Now that's the kind of thing that I feel Gord is all about. It's not only about making money here. It's about caring, and sharing, and friendship and not stepping on other peoples toes in the process. And you can take that to the bank!
Hey Gord??? (hehehe)


I think I have ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I can't ever seem to stay on one subject of concentration very long. Maybe that's why I sometimes go a little nuts here in my blog and talk about this and that and something else that no one cares about anyway. Ya know?


Now, where was I? ... oh yeah ... MyMarketShares
I just had to chuckle last night when I read an update in MMG from Margaret (the Admin) since a part of it read:

Referral contest is on going till the 25th, here are the top places as of now,
1st mike_li
2nd bigsteve
3rd marciapw
4th yippee
5th blondie
6th hula
7th iskofer
Free members also earn referral commissions during the contest period which goes till the 25th"

What?!? You mean to tell me that me and my 2 referrals since the 11th of Sept are keeping me in the running? Wow, that's great news! Wonder how many the top guy has? OK, I'm gonna go do my surfing at MMS before I forget.


Received two more payments from GoldNuggetInvest within 24 hours of request. It's still going strong from what I can tell. Link on the right if you care to check it out. (I never push. Only share how I'm doing.)


I've been giving some thought this week about renewing MyAdsClub monthly membership. The Admin, Patrick seems like a great guy trying to build a good business. But I just don't see the membership growing enough to make it worth my while. Besides the fact that no one seems to be promoting it any longer. So is it dead now? No, not really. Just not growing :(
If you're looking at the program for the matrix earnings, then you must promote! You cannot count on spillover these days. There's just not enough members in this one. So I've decided to forfeit the $8 bucks left in my account and let Patrick keep it for expenses. Good Luck Patrick! I do wish you the best.



Gord's Home Biz said...


Thank you for mentioning me in your article. I'm very flattered.
I only do it for the Ladies though!...LOL


Robert said...

Hey Blondie nice socks

blondie said...

Such a funny guy you are :)
Glad to be doin business with ya.


You like those socks eh?
They do keep the tootsies warm, that's for sure.