Monday, September 28, 2009

New Surf Just Launched AND PRS is Almost Back

If you're interested ... a new surf just launched MindPowerSurf.
Note quoted from the Admin via MMG forum:

"WELCOME to MindPowerSurf!

Our goal is to offer our members reasonable online advertising prices for showing their websites all over the world and also very good income opportunities - 150% and 140% ROA on adpacks purchased.

Our Features: the newest Neversay Secured Script, hosted on a Dedicated Server and DDOS Protection will secure your adpacks purchased.

Free members can join and surf for a maximum of 50 credits each day. No referral commissions for Free members.

Upgraded members can earn 150% (5% x 30 days, cashout daily) and / or 140%(10% x 14 days, cashout at expire) from their upgrades (adpacks purchased).

* 4% referral commissions for Active members - upgrades min. 5$
* 6% referral commissions for VIP members - upgrades min. 250$

MPS Power Plan

* 140% - 10% daily x 14 Days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Cashout at Expire

MPS Mind Plan

* 150% - 5% daily for 30 days
* $5 per Unit Upgrade
* 4% Ref. Commissions - Active members
* 6% Ref. Commissions - VIP members
* Daily Cashout"

OK,, so why not try a new one?
And from what I've read, he sounds like a great guy.

So I've joined and put a little in both plans.
Let's see how this one goes.
Plus I see lots of support in MMG already.
That's a Good Sign indeed :)


Note from Karen / Support re: PAC-RevenueShare ...

PRS is up and running! Okay to log in and surf!!!
If you're having problems, try clearing temp files..

This post has been edited by KarenL: Today, 04:27 PM

Although I think it's still propagating in certain areas.
Shouldn't be too much longer IF you can't login yet.



HermitJim said...

Thanks for the heads up, my blonde friend!

blondie said...

And TY Jim, my faithful reader and friend.
You know I work hard for the little reward that I get nowadays.
My own fault.
If you were still on skype, I'd have told you about it by now.
Take care hun :))