Friday, July 22, 2011

Feeling Much Better Today

Had such a bad headache yesterday and couldn't focus on anything here.

Felt a lot like Mr Magoo with my little magnifying glass trying to see this screen.

Guess it could have been the heat. It's been awfully hot here this week and no, I don't have air conditioning :(

--- The New 2% Program that I've mentioned before is coming along nicely. I'll see what I can find out about it today and let you know if there's any news. 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle
News Update 07/22/2011
Hi blondie
Can you believe we have over 7,000 members?? That's incredible in just a few short weeks!
Many members are enjoying good returns from the Profit Sharing System and the Commission payouts have been awesome too!
Remember, when you promote CWC you will earn $1.50 for every token your recruits purchase - now and forever - as well as - $0.75 for every token theirSERIOUS INCOME!! recruits introduce - this can add up to
This week we will see the introduction of CWC Banner Advertising as well as a brand new range of digital products for both free and premium members to enjoy.
After this we will work on a new emailing system that will share the benefits of upgrading as well as keeping members much better informed.
Keep up the good work blondie.
To the success of all our members!
Regards, Larry
I just checked my own account and was able to repurchase 17 new Token's. That should help a little with tonight's cycling. Congrats everyone on doing a wonderful job of getting the word out for CWC! 

---JSS-Tripler: same as always, 2% daily on my Tripler positions and receiving some nice RC from others who joined me there. Thanks guys :) 
Looks like tomorrow I'll need to buy 5 more to replace some expired ones. Just trying to keep the income level the same without going overboard.

--- Have you heard about this today?
Bombing in Norway. WTF is going on? 
It happened about 100 miles from where Kent, the admin of Global Surf Pro lives and he reports that he's just fine and well. What a mess our world has become though :( 



doomcrew said...

Well its going to be huge the day you add it to your sigline so looking forward to the next big site .

blondie said...

Thanks doomcrew,
Let's hope so eh?

Doug said...

Glad to hear that your okay :) For JSS when we set up our subscription for 3 months, after 3 months is it automatically renewed or do I have to do it manually?

blondie said...

Thanks Doug,
I recall getting an email renewal notice about 2 weeks before it was due. Gave me plenty of time to get it paid. I'm sure you'll get one too when it's time.

Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Seen that about Norway this morning.

Have to figure now that troops are pulling out of Afghanistan and the Al Qaeda tentacles spreading out more and more also with vengeance on their minds...government security agencies got their hands full on how to cope with these people. Some will slip through.

The Canadian Gov't reported 40 international criminals slipped through the immigration screening process and are at large. Their pictures and info is posted but Man! Murders, rapists, suspected terrorists...This is just not good enough with all the terrorism in the world today.

They all have to pull up their boot straps and clamp down.

Glad your feeling better. Looking forward to the new one... my mustache is already starting to twitch.. a sign of


blondie said...

Gord as far as our world is concerned, not sure that anything is going to be good enough anymore. I do miss the 'old days'.

Keep that mustache calm. You know it'll be worth it. LOL