Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Are Live !!!

About an hour ago Centurion Wealth Circle was officially launched! YaY! It's been a long and short 2 weeks, and I must admit I'm really happy to get this show on the road for a very long road trip. 

There's a News Update in your member area that everyone should read. Also note that you won't see any cycling and/or referral commissions until tomorrow. Today is the Official Launch and Tomorrow is the Official first cycling day. Yippee!!! 

--- I gotta run to the store, out of cat food. Sure don't need those hungry kitty claws scratching up my legs saying "feed me feed me". More when I get back :) 

--- JSS-Tripler: another of my JSS-Matrix spots was filled last night. So another blessing of $60 in my account today. Haven't decided what to do with it yet and we all have different strategies about it. As for me, I don't think about it too much since I'm am a bit on the loosey goosey side, hehe. I look at it and say "Cool, now what should I do next?" Guess it all depends on my mood and how badly I need the bucks. Cause trust me, I love to play these games as much as the next guy :) 

--- McFads: is now a manual surf site, not 'auto' any longer. Well all I can think of is it's cheaper to run it that way? Heck I dunno and it doesn't really matter much. With the extended payout times I've pretty much kissed this one goodbye. Not sure if I'll put any more into it to get paid again. Just doesn't seem worth it. (sorry Matthew but it is what it is) 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got PAID from Kent last night! And did I mention yesterday, I'm in for another round, same amount as the first time. 

--- OK, you guys remember the "other" program I started hinting about last March? Well after mucho problemo with getting it set up, it's back on track and getting closer to opening now. It won't be tomorrow but it won't be 4 more months either. 
I was originally asked to help with the launch of this site back in March, and I've been in contact with the Admin ever since. It will be an Advertising site but much more professional than ad2million (giggle). As I learn more, I'll share with you. Oh and the Admin is not American so his English skills may not be the best. But neither are mine, LOL  I'm sure we'll be able to figure it all out. 

--- The HYIP to stay away from: without saying the real name: if you see a well known script, that was designed by one of the best designers around, and you check into the MMG forum to see how it's going, then realize that the Admin has been banned from the forum for multiple usernames .......
That's all I'm going to say. Just don't join any High Return HYIP's that recently opened. OK? 



debbie said...

Happy CWC launch day!!

Hey, were'nt you going to tell us a story about a HYIP??

blondie said...

Funny girl.
That was next on my agenda :P

danish said...

Hi Judy,
"The HYIP to stay away from"
That paragraph is way to cryptic for me. Don't have clue what you aree referring to....anything more specific??

blondie said...

LOL, send me an email Dave.
Am happy to share with you.

BangkokMike said...

Unable to share your enthusiasm for CWC
Still dont know what the 2 different products give.
I bought my 10 Tokens ASAP - but they are still not showing in my BO
I did get an email which said I would be given my 10 Tokens after 24 hours - that was 2 days ago and of course I NEEDED them for LAUNCH>
But still dont know which product to buy anyway.
Which Product are you Buying?
Have you been given Your Referral Commission for my Purchase?
Mike Holloway

hemsagar said...

Is that HYIP Astrashares.
Anyway, can you help me blondie.
I am one of your many referrals in CWC, GBP and JBP.

I got a referral, who is a big investor, he joined below me in JBP.
He was asking me if JBP is a company, has it any address?
Is anyone responsible for the money.

Please kindly help me with this one.
Thank you

blondie said...

You're good to go in CWC. I had Larry check this morning.
Check the PSS (link at the top) or the view positions in your member area.
He just started the cycling portion this morning so you'll be quite happy when you open your account.
As for the products ... I'll get into that more later. I just needed to do first things first, you know?
Thanks again :)

Yes saw your post in MMG also. Best thing to do is have your referral contact JBP themselves. I'm sure Fred or Carl can give them details needed.

BangkokMike said...

Hi Blondie
YES !!! - Very Good News
I have 10 spots in the 2200 range
they have all earned $8 each -
$80 income from $157 ALREADY
MANY thanks for contacting Larry on my behalf - a great PERK of being one of your Referrals. hehe.
I am truly grateful.

blondie said...

Hey Mike,
I try to "work" for my money, LOL
Thanks a bunch!
Catch ya later (wave)