Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dead Surfs, Copy Cats and Suspended!!!

--- I read yesterday that "Old Days Surfing" is gone. We all know these things don't last forever. Word on the street is that it's failure is blamed on the HAR's (hit and runners). Well I don't know but I was not playing in it for personal reasons anyway.  

--- The good and the bad of copycats. Don't you think copycat sites/programs can be beneficial if started at the right time? For instance, when a once successful program has obviously run it's course, maybe it is time for a copycat to replace it. But when there's a newer program getting a lot of attention, who has a great Admin with plans and ideas for the future... a copycat appearing out of no where with an unknown (invisible) Admin is not a good thing. There are way too many dishonest people in this business and I need to pick and choose my programs wisely. And you should too. 

--- It's a beautiful day here today. Getting warm, the sun is shining and I wonder if it'll rain again this afternoon? I love the afternoon rains. Everything smells so fresh when it's over and the sun peeks through again. 

--- Just saw this and shaking my head:  
This Account Has Been Suspended
Yep, that's what it says when you go to the ad2million site. Makes you wonder why, doesn't it? Did Carrie just have enough and throw in the towel? Did she owe way more than she could ever pay out? Was she still accepting new money when she knew darn well the members would never see it again? Or maybe even complaints from higher authorities? I guess we'll never know the answers to those questions... and quite frankly My Dear, I don't give a damn. RIP 
PS, am sorry to those who got in too late or re-purchased for too long and are not in profit. Always hurts to lose money. 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: another nice cycling day today albeit a bit lower than other days. Well it's the weekend and folks have other things to do. Should pick up again come Monday or Tuesday when more promotions are going out and folks are looking for a good program to help with their pocket money. Still well over 2% as my positions have cycled 2-3 times each. 
I personally have been receiving payments plus adding to my own number of Tokens on a daily basis. And I do love how the 50/50 rule takes all the guess work out of it, LOL 
The site has been updated that CWC cannot accept credit card payments through Alert Pay. Not sure if that can ever change, but in the meantime you will need to pre-load your AP if you want to get involved. 

--- JSS-Tripler: always comes through for me too. Never a dull moment there. Replaced 5 more of my 'completed' positions yesterday and our payments are still arriving the day after request. Gotta love it. 

--- GrandBankClub: profit share received on Sunday as always. Thanks Gord!

--- GlobalSurfPro: a few changes which are good. I'll let Kent tell you about it: Some changes on the plans have been made.
Since 99.7% of the users invest into the 40 days plan i decided to remove the 45 & 50 day plan.
Reason for this is that it became difficult to maintain that high %.
There was 4 users who had an active deposits in the 50 plan, and those have now been moved
 to the 40 day plan and the cash is available if you want to cash out now :)
For the lazy ones (and because of the summertime) I have now added a new 50 day plan who is NON SURF.
You get the same & as the 40 day plan, not required to surf and cant cash out until it expires.
Hope this help those who think 40 days is a long time to surf.
Hope you all see that this will improve the program and thet its giving you back a realistic % a' day.
Works for me and I've always surfed in the 40 day plan anyway.
PS, just received another payment from GSP's Kent which will more than cover the cost of next months coffee too :)  

OK, so in memory of "Old Days" ... couldn't help myself. 
No, none of that is me. Just a cool youtube I found. 


Anonymous said...


I know which program ( copycats ) your referring to ,i did get couple of mail's from my well wishers regarding this but have clearly voided it and will do.

Lester Dsa

blondie said...

Hi Lester,
Hard to trust something you know nothing about, you know?
And I for one sure as heck won't promote this blind.
Thanks for stopping by :)

blondie's fan said...

so ad2 gone. They ran away :(
can we fix to this?

blondie said...

I dunno what's going on with ad2m. Sure doesn't look good from where I sit. No, there's nothing you can do. Just wait and see if the site comes back or not.
Love your name by the way, LOL

blondies downline said...


i hope this will not be like ad2m

blondie said...

CWC will NEVER be like ad2million.
I know Larry the Admin and he is NOTHING like Carrie!
TG for that eh? lol

Kelly said...

ad2m says the hosting company is trying to fix the site....HAAAAAA i bet alot of people have reported her so they shut her down

the thing i find the weirdest she signs her name as CARRIE but yet the name on the email account is KERRIE

does she not know how to spell her own name?

hemsagar said...

Lot of blondies here,huh!
Can't seem to find who is the right one?
Can anybody help?
So ad2million is dead after all!

Ivy said...

Hi Judy!

I remembered last March 16, 2011 someone told me that ad2million will be closing in July. We said it was only a rumor and ad2million will be renewing it's Domain name.. Well, I hope that's the reason behind everything.. I still keep my fingers crossed, I just pity those who did not profit from this program. As for me, I'm satisfied with my earnings from ad2m and got my investments back. I'm happy with CWC now, that's what matters most.

blondie's downline said...

;( so sad i invested 4 positions on ad2m and still waiting for my first cashout then it just turned out suspended.... owner of sites should think a thousand times(or even million >,< ) if they can handle a cycler or ptc site before creating them ...they should be ready to lose money and not just running a program playing with amateur enterpreneur like us.. F*&k those scam sites ... They should be hunted and send them to jail.. FTW!!!

blondie said...

Looks like it's back today :(

And you're right, too many blondie's here, lol

Just woke up.
Back later.

Bhong Jaban said...

I invested $40 in ad2m last April and it has since grown to $150 thru repurchases. I stopped repurchasing when Carrie implemented the awful 2-1-5 scheme and waited for my earnings to grow to around $60 so I could withdraw but this suspension on ad2m has devastated me! Should have put all my money in Opulentia. Sigh!!!

Bhong Jaban said...

How I wish I withdrew sooner! Sigh!!!

blondie said...

Try the site again.
I heard it's back.

Bhong Jaban said...

Thanks... Yeah, it's back but the 2% payback has been shortened to 40 days and my positions have not cycled yet since the site went down.

blondie said...

Always read the news updates on the site. There should be one about that too.
Good Luck with it.