Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July / Independence Day

Hope everyone in the U.S. enjoys the Holiday today. I'll be out this afternoon myself at a family and friends BBQ, so this will be a quick post. 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle IS open for pre-launch Token purchases today. So you all have 3 days to get your first spends in before the official first cycling day on Thursday. I've already bought the maximum of 10 for myself and feel real damn good about it. Enjoy! 

PS, I'll be back tomorrow. Just got home and am pooped. 

PPS, just a reminder that I do NOT publish comments with other program links in them. Are YOU paying me to advertise your link? No? OK then, you understand why. It's not hard to send me an email instead. Thanks :) 


Kelly said...

thought you might find this funny, ad2m doesnt cycle any positions on weekends anymore....count down is on for when they dont cycle week days too ughhhh what a waste of money for everyone

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see things working in your favor after the ad2million bs. Hope centurion is double the success that the other one was. Always appreciate you keeping us up to date with the best sites we should consider. Thanks Blonie !

blondie said...

You're welcome and Thnaks.
Next post, please sign your name so I know who to thank. lol

blondie said...

Thanks Kelly,
Yeah I've been keeping up with it, just for grins. Sad days 4 sure :(

Kelly said...

1000s of members losing money just cause some amateur thinks they know how to run a site ....crooks should be thrown in jail

Enzio said...

Happy B-Day America :), blondes, quick question, how do I fund an LR account?

Randy V said...

Happy 4th Judy. Have a great day with your family.

Randy V.

blondie said...

Been a long time since I funded LR and back then, I went through one of their exchange services listed on their site. Am sorry but I don't remember the name of it now.

Hi Randy and Happy 4th to you too.
Just got home from a fun afternoon.
Catch you later :)

blondie said...

PS Kelly, yes.
It's just a sad site now.
Ad2m admin was too stubborn to take any 'experienced' members suggestions. S/he messed up :(

Kelly said...

OMG it just keeps on getting worse, they did nothing about my negative 354.00 balance for 20 days and then all of a sudden today they took 38 positions away and then told me all my spots have stopped cycling and i need to buy another one.....ughhhhh im done with the NON profit sharing site

blondie said...

Well I'm sorry how that worked out. Maybe you should just put it to bed if you're not too far in debt with it.

Kelly said...

$90 or $100 in to it so not to bad but enough to cause a stink lol

makes a person wonder what site they have opened since but under fake names

nicky said...

hi! I'm just new here...
my positions in ad2m is not cycling for 4days.. Im very disappointed with ad2m.. they keep on saying that we will get paid but they put additional 1 day in my due dates every 2 days.. I just wish they tell us the truth..
Anyway, have great day to you!
(sorry for my english) ;)

blondie said...

Kelly, I doubt there's any new sites opened from the same Admin. If there was, it would have been advertised in the Ad2m site.

Hi nicky,
You English is fine.
Well, as you all know I'm not involved in ad2m any longer due to Carrie removing me for no good reason.
So maybe we should just move on from this nasty subject and go forward with the newer and better programs out there.
Cheers :)

Kelly said...

true judy, but maybe they got smart and didnt advertise it HAHAHA who am i kidding they aint that smart lol

yes ad2m is dead in my books and moving up up up and away with CWC ....i see my spots in my BO now but say pending so launch day will be exciting....does your BO show any of your refs having spots? not sure if any of mine have bought any or if it just doesnt show since all spots will say pending

blondie said...

No, it doesn't show my ref's positions yet, but it will:

"The back office reflects how many tokens each of your recruits have purchased.
EDIT: After we have processed them (I should add)."

That was from Larry in a forum.

Ivy said...

Hi Judy!

I purchased 3 positions in CWC.. You're my sponsor.. I can't wait for the launching date. I'm sad about what's happening with ad2million, i have a total of $576 pending withdrawals and the oldest pending is more than 2 months old. The new 2-1-5 perpetual cycling method made the payouts even more slower. I thought ad2million will bring a big solution with my financial problems. Im just keeping my finger crossed. cheers!

Petrus said...

A2M, what a mess! Not been paid for 6 weeks now.
CWC should be a life-saver. I've joined and purchased the max. tokens. Let's hope for a good one.
JSS trippler is a great programme now. I requested a $380 withdrawal and it was paid within hours unlike A2M where my $200 withdrawal requests take 4 months.

Thanks Blondie, you always keep us up to date with the best programmes. I've been reading your blog now for 1 year plus and this is my first comment.

blondie said...

Hello Ivy and Thanks!
Well ad2m ran and paid really good for awhile, while it was growing. Then too many paid out, not enough coming in, and still she kept that 2% daily going when there was No Way that much was coming in to cover it. So payments got extended waiting for more money (I would imagine).
I think you'll like CWC much better.

Petrus, Hello :)
Yes I think CWC will be an excellent addition to our JSS tripler earnings. Always feels good to have funds coming in from more than one source.
Glad you decided to comment here after all this time. Don't be a stranger now.