Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Up, Not Paid, Nadda

--- CenturionWealthCircle: waiting for the site to come back up. Note from Larry: 
We are hoping the site will be up again this afternoon GMT. GoDaddy suspended us after receiving SPAM complaints about our members. When we are back we will need to highlight our anti-spam policy and act against those who ignore it.
Thank you for your understanding

- 10:15 MST: Site is on it's way up, but not for Admin yet. Once he can access, he'll open the member area and we can be back in business. 
-- Almost midnight in the UK and Admin needs some sleep. He still cannot get into the site himself so we should be up and running tomorrow.

--- JBP-JSS: Received another reply to my support ticket about my missing AP payment from the 26th (normally paid next day). Fred said "paid" but when I check my AP account, it's not there. Re-opened the ticket to let them know :( 
- New reply to that ticket: "will pay next" 
-- Got Paid finally. About 3:00 PM my time. Whew! Now I can get back to normal. YaY!! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: smooth surfing day and requested a payment from Kent also. Will probably see that one tomorrow since he usually pays once per day.

--- Heads Up! The new 2% daily program that I've been talking about should be opening this weekend (maybe Sunday?) and will accept AP and STP as their pay processors if you're thinking about getting involved. Cool :) 

--- I have no energy today. So if I sound blah, that's why. It's day 15 (or 16) in the 90's here. Sure wish it would cool down a little before I melt... like the wicked witch of the west. LOL 


Norbert's Traffic said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, 90s are nothing.^^
I don't know how many days in a row over 100s here. - keuss

blondie said...

I dunno Norbert.
It's awfully hot and I don't have A/C. TG for fans at least, LOL

Doug said...

As much as I am having fun in CWC I think I will like that new 2% better. 2% is slower but that's the way to go to keep it going for awhile. Since this was supposed to launch 4 decades ago, lol, I hope they got CC's apporved. That will attract a much wider audience to get involved. Have a good one! :)

blondie said...

Well Keuss, you're probably used to it. I don't like the heat. Never have. Maybe Alaska will be my next move. lol

Hey Doug,
I don't think AP allows CC for these types of programs any longer. Not sure how some of those HYIP's got away with it. But I could be wrong. I'll try to find out before opening, K

lrconsult said...

Hy Blondie

Hot? Come to visit me in Brazil. I live in the hottest City of Rio de Janeiro. Summer 40 to 45 Grades Celsius every Day. :)

Will Beaver said...

A cool 65 here in Ireland as I write. This has been a cold summer here so far.

CWC is coming up here ok, though of course I cannot log in,


blondie said...

Better you than me Irconsuit!
That's way too frickin hot!!!
I would definitely melt there, lol

blondie said...

Now that's more like it Will.
Maybe Ireland is where I need to be.

Yeah, CWC had to put off the opening back-uo of the member area until tomorrow. Makes sense.

rljac said...

Thank you for the way that you keep us in touch with what is really going on. Lots of people see CWC as a scam just because the site has been down and Larry has had to work through some crap.

People that rejoice in others' bad luck tick me off. I get so mad when people start dissin' a program when the admin is having unforseen probs and just doing his best to get the site back up. CWC is a great program and Larry is doing a good job - oooooh I am so mad I could crush a grape !! ;0))

I love this blog - so clear and concise. Thanks Blondie - glad you got paid.

Looking forward to the new progs to don't forget to send me the info

I would love some 90 degrees right now - it's cold in the UK

blondie said...

Thanks rljac,

Larry is one of the most honest persons I've met recently. He's not going to scam anyone.

You must be speaking about forum posts. I find it hard to even look at them lately. So sad :(

Yep, new program coming tomorrow if all goes well.

You can have my 90 degrees as I would prefer it to be much cooler right now.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and do come back tomorrow.