Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Growing Like a Weed

Both my grand daughter and Centurion Wealth Circle are growing like a weed! We celebrated Olivia's Birthday yesterday even though she'll be 1 Year Old on the 8th, so I'll show you some pictures on Friday when it's her real b-day. 

--- CWC is at 3,810 pre-launch members as I write this. It's already SO popular, I'm starting to get spam about it, lol. Couple of things I wanted to mention: 
- you can make a Token purchase now, and it will show in your member area about 24 hours afterwards. 
- Admin has added a confirmation email to let you know that your 'token purchase' was received. 
- remember we won't cycle or see any earnings until Thursday. 
- the admin fee 'per transaction' has been lowered from $1 down to .75 cents so that members buying only 1 Token will pay under $17. 
- you will be able to see how many Tokens your 'referrals' purchased sometime after the first cycling has taken place. Not sure how it's gonna show yet, so I guess we wait and see. 
- don't forget to check your 'sponsor' in your member area. If it's showing 'Admin', you should have that changed to the person who you meant to sign up under. Just send in a 'contact us' request and Larry will fix it for you. 
And as I mentioned before, I'm ready to rumble with 10 Tokens, the max to start. Coolio :) 
4:37 PM my time: Come & Join the 4,000 other Members who have already become part of the GREATEST MONEY MAKING CIRCLE on the net today!!

--- I don't know where you live, but I had fireworks going on till after 11 PM last night in my area. Kept trying to sleep but the Boom Boom Boom just wouldn't let me :(  

--- GlobalSurfPro: just realized my very first position completed today so I went in for another round with the same amount as the first time. Kent is doing a great job running this and I DO support his efforts. I did go for the one where you can withdraw 'daily', up to 3 times per week. That seems to work out well for me rather than the 'paid on expiry' plans. Guess I just don't like waiting that long. (must be getting impatient in my old age, hehe) 

--- Hey, has anyone received an ALERT from me today? I was having trouble getting it to go through via AOL (yeah I know) and it never showed up in my gmail account either. So am just curious if you got it or not. Thanks 
--OK, my ALERT that apparently didn't go out was just a reminder about CWC's opening on Wed. and to grab a spot if you were interested. AOL is very different on DSL than it was on dial-up, or maybe I need to change some settings, or maybe I should just scrap aol and move my ALERT's over to gmail. That's not a bad idea. (thinking) 
-One More Time: my Alert just came through TO my gmail account where I am listed as a recipient. Now, the part I didn't like, my Reply To: email was removed from my Note.  Well that just stinks!!! 

Remind me to tell you something funny tomorrow about that New HYIP that I'm NOT playing in. I'll try to be discreet. LOL 


Anonymous said...

No alert received.

Kelly said...

no alert here either AOL is bad for not sending mass messages

blondie said...

Thanks Jim and Kelly,

Yeah I know they're bad about it but I've never had a problem before.
Maybe they don't like me being on DSL now, LOL

OK thanks to you both :)

BangkokMike said...

Hi Blondie
I am one of your Referrals
I just purchased my 10 Tokens.
I have scanned the site to find the details about and to understand the two alternative Products listed under "Products" but I cannot find any info.
Can you enlighten me please?

blondie said...

Hi Mike,
I think a lot of things will become more clear and available AFTER launch. I don't know too much about how he's going to work the "products" at this point.
So we'll all learn as we go :)

Randy V said...

Hi Judy;

I got your alert fine.

I just started with one but hopefully it will grow.

Have a good day.


blondie said...

Was there a Reply To: blondiejudy@gmail.com after my signature? Just curious.

One should be good to start. You can build from there.

Thanks Randy (wave)

Randy V said...

Yes Judy there was a reply to.

My 6 year old Jackson's Tball team won the State Tournament tonight. I'm so proud of him and the team. I guess its a Grandpa thing but they sure are fun to watch.


Enzio said...

cycling won't start till Thursday right?, shoot I still don't have enough funds to cover my 10 spots, AP is so slow sending me my deposit, gee whilikers!

naphtali said...

Hi Judy I did not get your alert either. I even checked my spam folder.

blondie said...

Randy, he's 6 already!
Can't believe it!
I remember when he was born. We've been friends a long time :)
Congrats on that Win Grandpa!!

Correct on the cycling. Maybe AP will surprise you today get the funds in there. Hope so.
Besides, this is ongoing, not just a one time shot. It will be fun and profitable for quite a while I would imagine.

Kelly said...

morning judy, its tomorrow can we hear some discreet info on the HYIP lol

blondie said...

Thanks for letting me know Greg. It was just a reminder anyway. hmmm

Kelly, just don't join any new HYIP's today. I'll write later. lol