Thursday, July 14, 2011

--- Got a comment here the other day to my April 16th blog post which said: "Hi Blondie, I just joined ad2million. Can you tell me when it cycles? I'm in the pacific time zone,USA
Now apparently this guy doesn't read NEW posts from me (or doesn't know how) else he would have never wasted his money. Oh well, hope he figures it out sooner than later, LOL 

--- Speaking of ad2million, I will have a replacement for that one soon. The New Program is being worked on now and will be similar to ad2m but with some much needed differences to help us all in the long run. Stay tuned for more :) 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: had a good cycling night again and I see the members are getting the hang of it now. I personally started with 10 Tokens, then reinvested a little (from earnings), then started to withdraw/reinvest where the 50/50 rule gently holds your hand and walks you through the process. So now my Tokens are growing PLUS I'm getting Paid each time I do this. 
Total Members today 6,289. That's 200+ since yesterday! 
Also a new Update in the member News area. 
** Don't forget to add a Testimonial on the site. Log in, click on My Account, go to the bottom of the page, write something nice, and click on Change. 

Do I have a strategy? Not really. It's only been Open for a week so I'm just going with the flow right now. Besides with the 50/50 rule in effect and the 400% max ROI and the Limit on New Purchases and the 2 Way Cycler ... I think Larry's got everything well thought out already. Don't you? 

--- Just got home. Another dreadful grocery shopping day. 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: seems every time I turn around I'm replacing my Tripler positions for the ones that have completed. I don't remember buying that many before so fast, but I guess I must have, LOL  In any case, all is going well there and I'm still cashing out every few days. Thumbs Up! 

--- Looks like Kent still hasn't gotten his new Modem set up yet. Don't see any movement in GlobalSurfPro other than my own daily surfing and all. Plus I'm sure when he's back online, he'll check into the forum too. OK, so we wait :) 



naphtali said...

Another one like Ad2Millions? Can't wait.

Hey remember when the admin of 10dollarswonder had e2epay running along with it? I always thought e2epay was running faster and better then 10dw.

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Yep, I think we both did well in ad2m, and this new one will be even better.

I always thought e2epay paid better than 10dw also. Maybe cause it was launched 3 months later and he lied about what the site was supposed to be. Tricky little Admins out there. TG I'm not involved with him any more :)

Ivy said...

Hi Judy!

Can't wait for that program that is far better than ad2m. I'll keep in touch. Anyways, CWC is doing good with me. I have 8 positions to date. Thanks for introducing me to this program. I'm also happy to have a referral who bought 2 positions :)

blondie said...

That's great Ivy :)
I'm glad you're enjoying CWC and I hope you get a lot more referrals too.
The new program could be ready next week, but not positively yet.
Night Night

Petrus said...

Let's forget about A2M. As far as I'm concerned it's over and done with. My pending withdrawals = $4,000+/- and I've not received any payment for 2 month's now. Thus, I'm putting ALL of my effort into CWC and JSS Trippler where I already have 80 positions. They are the best paying one's at this moment. Speedy withdrawals and honest admins that know what they are doing.

blondie said...

Morning Petrus,
I'd like to forget about ad2m too but people keep reminding me, and I also had 4K left on the table when suddenly I could no longer log into my account :(

Absolutely CWC and JSS are at the top of my list too! So glad we are involved in the good ones!!
Take care :)

angelina said...

Which is paying better CWC or JSS Trippler. I would like to buy positions !!! Or should I say which can I make more money in a shorter amount of time ?

blondie said...

You're asking me to predict the future and I can't do that.

JSS Tripler currently pays 2% daily for 75 days, so you get a 150% ROI from each position. There's more after that, like the matrix etc. but it all takes time.

CWC is dependent on new Token purchases and repurchases. So far (only 9 days in) the return has been higher than 2%. Will that last? I sure hope so since we're growing at an amazing rate and the way the Admin has this structured, you can't just take the money and run. There is a 50/50 withdraw rule which I personally like.

So I'm not going to tell you which one to join or buy into. They're both great as far as I'm concerned.

angelina said...

k thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are all crazy. I've been with this company ad2million for a long time now and I'm still bankin. Don't believe all the hype :)

blondie said...

And you are so proud of Ad2M that you couldn't even sign your name?

Who Is This? Carrie? hahaha