Thursday, July 28, 2011

CWC Offline Temporarily

--- CWC is temporarily offline for some. Note from Admin: 
PLEASE NOTE: Our website is down - this is a technical problem we are trying to resolve.
It seems our DNS settings have been changed to


Of course, we have not been spamming or abusing anyone and hope to be up and running as soon as possible!

- Update: site is back up for me but the member area is closed. Looks like Admin is doing some work in there :) 

--- JBP-JSS: ended up sending in a support ticket at 2:30 PM yesterday about my missed payment. Got a response at 9:30 last night saying give them 24-48 to respond. Ummm OK. I'll wait. lol 

Off to the Hardware Store. Dang toilet is messed up again and needs some new parts and pieces for the tank. Hate it when it flushes itself. Catch ya later (wave) 

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