Monday, July 18, 2011

Title: Never Did Decide

--- Looks like that program that makes everyone stress out is back online. Damn. I personally was hoping it would stay gone forever. 
Except for those who are NOT in profit, most probably felt the same as I did... relieved to see it go. 
But Noooooo, it just had to come back to torture you more! 
Well good luck to those still waiting for payments trying to at least break even. 

--- Now don't forget there will be a replacement for that one soon. And if you recall when that other one first started, it was very good and paid out very fast. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing that again? Starting from scratch and being able to enjoy the benefits without the concern of waiting 3-4 months for payments? Yeah me too :) 

--- Looks like Centurion is still doing a little maintenance so I'll grab a shower now and check back after that. 
C'ya in a bit. 
-- Ran some errands while I was waiting. Just read that the cycling has now started for the day. But I'm not logging in quite yet. Don't want to crowd anyone there and I'll have a peek later on to see how it went. 

--- Just want to ask, did Alert Pay cut off the "withdraw by check" for everyone again? or just certain Countries or areas. Does anyone know? 

--- Feeling a little discombobulated today. Maybe it's the heat. I'll update more tomorrow, K  


debbie said...

Got a payment from another program today and bought 20 new positions in CWC. Up to 30! (Sigh, thinking ruefully of the 600 useless positions in AD2....)Oh well, If I did it once, I can do it again :)

Im keeping a few bucks back for the "replacement" program.

Its unbearabley hot here, too. Crappy winter, crappy summer, no spring! Ugh.

blondie said...

Oh that's sad about ad2 :(
That's a lot of positions to be left hanging and waiting. Well I hope those who are not in profit see something in the long run. Since there is no short run there.

Glad you're holding a little back for the new one. New is always good.

Believe it or not, was thinking the same thing today. Where was Springtime? There was snow and then 90 degrees? Sort of made me miss my spring cleaning this year and believe me it shows, LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, over a month and a half and still waiting, and more rule changes. Damn you

blondie said...

Yeah I hear ya M.
Rules Rules and more Rules.
Just read the latest update in the forum (someone posted it).
Wish I had known in advance what a mess Carrie was going to turn this into. If she had just listened to others, things would be so much better now. (big sigh)

Terri said...

Hi Blondie

I've been waiting for AP to have their check withdrawal available again too, but so far nothing.

They are located close to me so I can even go pick up my check, but probably can't do that now.

I plan to call them (as soon as I get a chance) and find out why its no longer available and when it will be again, IF it will be again.

When I do, I'll let you know what they say.


Randy V said...

I agree Judy! My last withdrawal is scheduled to take almost three months..if it happens even then. I wrote Carrie and told her she might as well close down if she is not going to pay anyone..what's the purpose of the program anyway. Who wants to invest in something that just takes and not gives...!!!

I have a feeling that they will bite the dust soon!

Hope you have a great week!


blondie said...

Thanks Tree and do let me know about Alert Pay. I'm glad it's not just me that can't withdraw by check.

Hi Randy, yeah ad2m is pretty sad these days. Not sure why she's keeping it open either. oh well.