Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quality Not Quantity

--- CWC is up and running (for most) and things should get back to normal soon. The Admin just sent out an email about why we were 'down' for a bit. So remember to promote responsibly and please don't spam. 
Now of course there wasn't much in the kitty to cycle last night since the site was down for quite a while. Hopefully tonight things will pick up again from where we left off. Cool :) 

--- JBP-JSS: I finally got my missing payment from the 26th yesterday. So I went ahead and requested another one, and was paid last night. YaY! Makes me think it was just a script error or glitch in the system and that everything should be back to normal there too. 

--- GBC: received a nice $25 surprise payment today for one of my K-Game 40 Boards moving along. Thumbs Up to Gord for doing the leg work on this one for all of us. Those boards make NO sense to me. I am SO glad that I can play without having to think. hehe 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got paid from Kent today also. Looks like the member count is picking up slowly but I would have thought there would be a few thousand members by now. He's such a good Admin and takes care of business every day. Not many surf sites around for over 2 months with no complaints. 

--- editorial coming soon 

Unfortunately I got side-tracked so my Editorial will have to wait. Just thinking ... please come back tomorrow to read my blog. Afternoon probably. I'm a little worried about sending the ALERT's since I recently moved my entire list from one email to another and I've never sent from gmail yet. So if you don't hear from me tomorrow aftermoon (my time), just check my blog for a new post. Coolio  Thanks 


Anonymous said...

I've heard from other members on JSS tripler about purchasing positions and the position purchased does not reflect on the positions list(missing) what's your thought about this. Today it finally happened to me also. Is JSS tripler admin starting to get sloppy? I'm asking because of your post about missing withdrawal.


blondie said...

It's not done instantly. Give it a few hours to show up. Mine have always appeared in the list after a little while. K

The w/d lost was just a fluke I think. They did pay it in a few days time. Honestly, I was never worried about it. I don't see anything that would cause concern there as of right now.