Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Get Carried Away

You know, I love these online programs that we play in as much as the next guy. Maybe even more, lol

It's just that I get concerned seeing members with high hopes and big dreams, and totally forgetting about reality.

The reality is anything you spend is at risk. The programs I'm playing in now, I fully trust. But you never know when the unforeseen could happen and they have to say bye-bye to you.

Just saw a member post a payment proof at a forum for over $9K. 9 K. I would never leave that much money sitting in ANY program. I don't care who the Admin is or how much I trust them. Something bad could happen when you least expect it, but by then it's too late and you're left with "damn, why didn't I cash out when I had the chance?".

On another note, other 'players' are letting it ride. Some let it ride too long. For instance, if I join this today for $250 dollars and keep repurchasing and building my own account till the Cows come home, how much will I have in one year???

Well, you'll make a Lot if the site is still around in one year. But in the meantime, why not take out a little here, a little there, get your seed money back then continue to play with your profit and make more profit?

If the program is a successful one, you'll still make good money. But if the program ends up being a flop or changing the rules so many times that getting paid seems like a fairytale... you'll be glad for the payments that you DID receive along the way.

I hope those reading this take it to heart. It always hurts me when I hear something like "I spent $300 in this, never withdrew, always repurchased, and now with the new rules in place... doesn't look like I'm ever going to be paid!" 

Don't let that happen to you, OK. 
I'd much rather see everyone make a little in a short time than losing a lot in the long run. You know what they say ...


debbie said...

I had a poster of Bobby Sherman on my wall as a pre-teen. Also Donny Osmond and David Cassidy :).

I kinda wish I had never discovered online money making programs....most people dont even know they exist. I have a good regular job, pays enough for my bills and a little extra so dont know what tempted me. I started playing around maybe 2 years ago,
was actually naive enough to think everyone was as honest as I was. Well I lost all that I put into it, mostly because I didnt have enough experience to spot a scam. Didnt lose a ton, because i never played more than I could afford to lose. Then came Ad2 and even tho its fading away, and I doubt I'll see another penny, it put me in the black, from all my online losses, so Im greatful for that

.My investments at JSS and Globalsurf are done Now, with the exception of CWC and some investments I have cooking in primfix..I think im done with this online stuff ( I MIGHT throw a few bucks at the new one you've been bringing up :)) The biggest thing its given me is carpal tunnel.:) For sure Im done putting new money into programs, if i get a payoff here, or there, I might throw it in something else, but no more new money.

Just my 2 cents...:)

blondie said...

Hey Debbie,
A lot of what you said sounds like me in my earlier years online.
Thought everyone was honest, so I lost a lot, learned a lot, but I never have to fund my pay processor's any longer.
I probably wouldn't be here either if I wasn't laid off from work and unable to find another job, before I got hooked here.
So I made it my goal to make this work out for me come hell or high water, lol
Glad you enjoyed seeing Bobby Sherman again and it brought back some good memories for you.
Take care now :)

Profit Hub said...

Excellent points Blondie! I know I had the same problem when I first started playing in the HYIPs. I learned my lesson with Adventures 4U and Genius Funds. Thanks for sharing as I kow there are bound to be lots of new people out there who think they should "let it ride".

Anonymous said...

OMG 9k he must have gone nuts,yes i did invest upto 4k in a program but hey not all at one go its was like 4k divided by 20 investments.

After reading your blog for a while i understand where you point everyday LOL .

Play Safe Be Happy - my motto

Lester Dsa

doomcrew said...

Good advice , if you can diverisfy thats where you can really get in a good position but alot of times it isnt possible and thats when members let it ride too long and get burnt. Any timeframe on the new site launch ?

Doug said...

Yes I second what debbie said, I was new and didn't know any better so I lost as well not too much though, now I'm all the wiser, if there's anything good I can take out of Ad2M it would be back in the day when she mentioned your blog in the news section, if it wasn't for her I would never would have found it, funny. I as well plan to only probably throw some dough in that new program you're mentioning. I don't plan on joining any other program this year other than that. :)

angelina said...

So true Blondie ! That is exactly what I did the last 6 months and lost, lost , lost !!! I am making this my turn around day !Thanks for the advice.

blondie said...

Hey Gwen, Yep, we all learn from our mistakes. TG for that eh? lol

Lester, see I'm not a promoter. I don't talk the way most of the 'promoters' do. They would have you spend money on anything. I don't play that way. I need to be as careful as the next guy.
Good Motto you have too.

Doomcrew, yes yes diversify. Been needing something new here but I'm extremely picky. Waiting for the new one which shouldn't be too much longer now. I'll see what I can find out tomorrow.

Hey Doug, ad2m did do me a huge favor by mentioning me. I didn't ask her to do that and was a bit flustered when I saw my name there. Then after she 'changed' my name, I got a whole different feeling about that person. haha Don't make me say it!
So Yes, I'm glad you found me that way too. Thanks!

Angelina, turn around bright eyes. Remember that song? Anyway glad you're working towards better days from now on. WhooHoo!

Ivy said...

Hi Judy!

Turn around bright eyes? yeah.. i know that song.. "Total Eclipse of the Heart", right?.. And of course "Better Days".. those are really nice songs to remember.
I was like Debbie a year ago, but I won't give up. I enjoy making money online. I am staying optmisitic for my family. :)

blondie said...

Hey Ivy,
I'm like you, won't give up.
It's been a long hard journey, but well worth it for me.
Am staying optimistic also. Just got hit with a big bill but will post about that tomorrow.
Take care and Thanks for stopping by :)

Kelly said...

ad2m acct is suspended AGAIN hmmmm thats weird

Anonymous said...

Hi judy, well all I have invested in a prevous program was $100. I got that back and some more and it has allowed me to play along with other programs. I was told don't invest more that you can afford to lose. Great words by the way.

blondie said...

Looks to be back up this morning.
Who knows what's going on.

You know, if I have money I spend money to make more money. And it's been working out great for me lately.
I just wanted to point out that nothing will last forever and once spent, it's gone. Everyone should put some back in their pocket in the process.

lrconsult said...

Hi Blondie

I generally spend about $ 100 up to $ 150 after this I reinvest $30 after this I withdraw $30 and so one. I going right on this way. I go fast into profits and until now I didn´t lost much money. I earned more than I invested. You have to go slow and diversified and you can earn good money. Per example 10 programs two or tree times per month $30 is like $600 up to $900 per month. Not bad? :) What do you think about this?

blondie said...

I think everybody should do what's comfortable for them Irconsuit.
Not all of us have a lot to spend in these programs and I try to keep my posts here on a level playing field.