Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Late Pays and Votes

--- JBP - JSS: Normally when they tell you you've been paid, you have. So even though they sent me the email during the night saying I was paid, it's not in my Alert Pay yet. But I see it's happened to others who have sent in Support Tickets, so I'll wait it out and not bombard the support desk. Probably just a small glitch in the system overnight. Just wanted you to know if you're waiting too, we're in the same boat. I'll give a holler when mine comes though. 

--- CenturionWealthCircle: Admin has added a place to VOTE in your member area due to many member requests for it. Seems people aren't satisfied with the way things are moving now. So to speed the cycling up, they're hoping that by lowering the cap from 400% to 200% ROI for each position will help. Will it? I really don't know. It seems to be a good plan and once those early purchases reach their cap, those who have voted YES should be coming back in and supporting what they voted for. Assuming it gets passed that is. 
- Here's how I'm seeing it for 1 Token purchase: once you reach 200% ROI, you can get your spend back (minus fees) and you still have 1 Token working for you. Now you can leave it at that OR if you were to replace that expired Token with a new purchase, now you've got 2 Tokens running on the same $15 spend. If this goes the way one would hope, we should see more positions cycling each day plus members seeing the value over long term. This program was not meant to be a quickie, ya know? 

--- GlobalSurfPro: Kent is going to accept AP CC for a little while. It's detailed in your member area if you're interested. I personally don't play with CC funds but I know a lot of others do. So go read up if you're a member and happy surfing :)  

--- Hey what day is it? Oh it's Wednesday huh. OK. 
That new 2% program could be coming along this weekend. I'll write about it when it's more of a definite. But for now, keep the weekend in mind. 

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