Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia !!!

My grand daughter Olivia aka Baby "O" is having her First Birthday Today! Wow, seems like just yesterday I was introducing myself to her at the hospital. What a fast year this has been! 
As you can see, when you have a crazy gramma who grew up in the Wood Stock and Bean Bag Chair era ... that this is a 'must have' for a first birthday present, LOL 
More pics later after I load the ones I took on Monday. 
Happy Happy Birthday Baby O !!!  
Love and kisses from grammapotimus! 


--- Centurion Wealth Circle: ahhhh where do I start?
Well after a great launch day on Wed, then a great first cycle day on Thurs, today was no surprise to me either. Tokens re-purchased late yesterday cycled about 12 times each and a few more re-purchased via cash-out cycled 11 times each. Of course I didn't expect the 51 times like the first cycle day simply because we all knew the first cycle was 3 days worth of purchases. So all in all, I'd say that was pretty darn good for a day two :) 
-- Withdraws are currently taking 5 business day to be paid. 
-- Once you request a w/d, it will be shown in your member area (from the withdraw link) along with the 'Estimated Payment Date'. 
-- Once AP CC is added, the time frame may go to 10 days because AP holds funds for a week or so before releasing it.  
-- The Bug: what happened yesterday was while Larry was cycling and people were earning, they were jumping on the Re-purchase button as fast as they could. Those re-purchases showed as 'pending' BUT they also started cycling immediately. Well, that isn't how it should work. So those of you who got the 'extra few' cycles were lucky. But from now on, repurchases made during the cycling process will NOT become active or cycle until the following cycle day. 
-- NOTE: cycling today will be done a little earlier than the norm because the Admin has other things to attend to away from his office tomorrow. 
-- AND we're over 5,000 Members as of Today!!! 

Here comes my daily storm blowing through. It was like a monsoon yesterday. Guess I should play it safe and shut down for a bit. Lots of thunder and lightning. Back after it blows over :) 

--- GlobalSurfPro: Don't Forget To Surf !!! 

--- JBP & JSS sites: you know, when I log in there I feel as dumb as a box of rocks. I read the site and the forum to help understand but ... dang that Carl and Fred make it so frickin confusing for everyone. So to make life simpler for me, I'll just continue on with the Tripler and am a happy camper picking up that 2% daily and some nice RC along the way. Thanks everyone!! 


OK, you guys ready for Baby O Birthday pics? I've got a lot but will show you my favorites. She really enjoyed her first cup cake too! Lovin the sweets, just like her gramma, LOL  (don't worry, she won't get too much of that) 


robertg said...

Happy birth-day Olivia
great photo, cant wait to see more!

blondie said...

Well you asked for it Robert, lol

Randy V said...

She is a sweetheart Judy. I love the first birthday and the cake eating...Its hard to believe it has been a year. They grow up so fast.

Have a great weekend!


blondie said...

Yep, she's a little Angel.
None of those pictures do her justice. Wish she were smiling in more of them though. She was just so shocked by the singing and all the gifts, she didn't know what was going on, lol
Thanks and have a great weekend yourself :)

Terri said...

She is adorable Judy. I know how you feel. I call mine my little angel too, even though her dad says she isn't, but she always is with me. Maybe because she can do whatever she wants here. LOL
Enjoy her. They grow up so fast!


hemsagar said...

Cute girl.
Wish I were small again.

Profit Hub said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Judy! She's adorable! The cake eating one is my favorite. I like the pink beanbag chair. It reminds me of the one I had when I was a little girl. LOL

blondie said...

Hi Terri, hemsager and Gwen,

Glad you all stopped by to see my baby, hehe. She sure is growing fast.

Kids always act different around their grandparents, don't they? They know we're easy.

Gwen, you had a bean bag chair too? Same color as your shirt? Looks like hot pink from here. hehe

Have a good weekend!