Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Better All The Time

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: received another payment this morning that I requested just yesterday! 
Also, by popular demand - Larry listened and is doing the following: 
We are pleased to announce we will soon be extending our token purchase limit to 50 within 14 days! - Please tell your downlines!
Plus a little birdie told me he'll have yet ANOTHER surprise for you, possibly by Thursday of this week. So stay tuned for that, you're gonna like it! 
And Total Members now: 5,890 

--- Mowing the lawn is harder work than I remember it being. By the time I was done, I looked like a sweat bomb! And I only did the front yard :0 

--- JBP-JSS-Tripler: just can't get enough of this one. Nothing has changed since I started and am still earning that sweet 2% daily on my Tripler positions. 
Big Congrats to 4 of my referrals who have filled their JSS Matrix today, earning them a nice $60 each, plus gives me a $5 bonus when they do. 

While at the grocery store, there was a lady in front of me buying about 10 of these pot pies. I thought poor lady, that's all she can afford cause they cost about .50 cents each. 
The guy at the checkout said "you must really like these". 
She replied "NO, I don't eat them. They're for my dog. She's spoiled." 
Laughed my ass off. New Slogan: Banquet Pot Pies ... If it's good enough for your dog, it's good enough for you!!  


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Happy to see your doing so well with your programs but no so well with the grass...lol

This time of year, there is usually talk about the "summer slowdown" when it comes to making money online but not a peep about it so far, knock on screen..... tink, tink!

A surprise! gimmie! gimmie!

Look forward to see what that's
all about.


blondie said...

Thanks Gord,
The yard seems to get bigger every year :p

Someone mentioned the 'summer slow down' to me the other day too, and I said "What? Not this year, lol"

Have a good week!

debbie said...

When I was growing up,those pot pies used to make their appearance at the end of the payperiod, along with creamed chipped beef on toast and tuna noodle casserole. Fed the whole family on 1-2 bucks.

Judy, how long does it take to get paid from JSS? Im only asking because its such a complicated website, Im not even sure if I made the withdraw request correctly :) I made the request on Sunday,( or so I think...) so just wondering what the payout time is so I know when to start thinking I didnt do it right after all :)

blondie said...

Hey now Debbie, I have creamed chipped beef and pot pies in my freezer as we speak. And there's always a Tuna Helper around here too, LOL

To withdraw from the Tripler:
You have to move the money to JSS first. Then go to JSS and request the withdraw. They put all those links are at the bottom of that box so it's harder to find I suppose, hehe

Give a holler if you get stuck.
And yes, if you requested Sunday, you should have been paid on Mon.

Randy V said...

Its getting better all the time...thanks.

Heat index was 110 here today. I got my golf in early today.

Have a great week!


debbie said...

Thanks! I had not done it correctly...I think its sorted out now...When I get my money from JSS Im gonna buy more positions in CWC!

blondie said...

And I got my lawn mowing in early too Randy. Or at least I thought I was until I started sweating like a pig, LOL Glad you enjoyed your Golfing!

Debbie, yesh the JSS synergy surf works like a 'wallet' to your tripler account. You need to move the money back to JSS first, then do the actual withdraw from there.
Glad to hear you're enjoying CWC also. It's rockin!


Anonymous said...

ciao blondie your italian ref okcoral

in CenturionWealthCircle

also as soon as Alertpay Credit Cards are approved we will have a new wave of members buying
additional positions.

can you say?

"Larry, you can change the payment in AlertPay?"


Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
"If it's good enough for the dog's, it's good enough for you"

Does this statement apply to cat's as well?

Although we don't feed them Pot Pie, they start their day by having Baby Hake Fillets for breakfast. My wife is a real "spoiler"

Profit Hub said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for the banquet idea for my doggie Tiger and for me! LOL I've cut back on eating out during my lunchtime because I want to put more cash in CWC and Tripler eventually. My dog, Tiger will love it. I have to give him thyroid pills twice a day and he takes them better with table food rather than dog food, of course.

blondie said...

Yes I agree, the AP CC will bring in a lot more members and spends. Not sure when that will be approved though. Thanks :)

Petrus, I'm sure your cats like the Fillets much better than they'd like a pot pie. You know dogs aren't so picky about their food, lol

Gwen, back when I had a dog he took meds also. Gave him a can of green beans every night on top of his dog food (good for weight loss) and I used to sneak the pill in a green bean. He never picked up on it.
Now you and Tiger enjoy those pot pies. I'm sure he'll love it!