Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st, 2015

Here I am after a long hot slow summer.
Starting to cool off a little now but this heat still makes it hard to move around too much.

Haven't blogged about paying programs in a long time because, quite honestly, I've only been involved in one that is keeping me extremely content.

AdClickXpress (a.k.a. the program that never dies) has kept their word and still paying 6% Daily week days and 3% on weekends since June 5th. Payouts are fast, surfing (clicking) goes fast and from what I can tell, everybody is pretty happy with ACX this time around. So Congrats to the ACX Team and all involved. Thumbs Up for sure.

Happy Birthday to Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees who turned 69 today. Sure wish his brothers were still around too but... it is what it is.

Here's one of my favorite's from 'the old days' and even in 1997, they did a great job performing it (plus you just gotta love the ending).
Cheers :)


dr.capoon said...

Nice to see you back Blondie!

Regarding programs, the situation is the same at my side. ACX is keeping me quite satisfied so I didn't search for others this summer, thou it might change soon as I expect you to find some new good ones soon. After all it is a September, right?

blondie said...

Yeah that's what I was thinking too capoon, it IS September.

Nice to have ACX paying that 6% for almost 3 months now so no need to risk any more in a 1.5% or 2% IMO. I'm pleased as can be right where I'm at.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a great day!

Gord said...

I was thinking the other day about Blondie's Lounge

Oh ... where oh where can that Blondie be?

Summer vacation doing the tan thing while sipping
on margaritas eh

Welcome back!

blondie said...

Oh Gord, you know me better than that, LOL
Actually preparing to mow the lawn now and then laundry and you know what THAT means!
Have a great day and Thanks for thinking Fun thoughts, hehe

RandyV said...

Hi Judy;

Its really good to hear from you. I hope your summer is going great. Its exciting here with the 6 grandkids now. I was able to spend some time with all 6 yesterday....that's a great day!

Thanks for sharing the Bee Gees. You know that we both share the same interests for the great ones. It really makes me sad though that Barry is the only one left.

Have a great Labor Day!


HermitJim said...

Glad to have the ol' Colorado Cupcake back again!

We missed ya, girl!

blondie said...

Hi Randy, Hi Jim,

Randy, one grand kid is a handful for me. Can't imagine 6 but I'm glad you're enjoying them, LOL
Yes we do love the same type of old music for sure.

Jim, "Colorado Cupcake". hehe Always makes me smile.
Thanks for missing me and as you can see, I haven't blogged again for 4 days so shame on me.
Am I really back?
or just felt the need to see if I still remembered how to blog.

We'll see what happens.

Cheers to you both :))

jay Zeller said...

OK your gone way to long are you OK ...........jay z

blondie said...

Hi Jay,
I'm still around but just not been blogging lately.
Not much to say that would interest most :)
Hope you're doing well. Take care now