Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Birthday ... already?!?

Yep, today's my birthday.
Again already :(
Not sure where the time goes.

Thanks for the cute cards and notes.
Thanks to all who are in the Birthday Bonus Club and sent me a few bucks!!! Much appreciated ;)

Now I need to get back to business for a minute.


OK, here's John's review of FastPayMoney.
I asked him if I could steal it since I'm short on time today. And of course he said that was fine :)
I just joined, paid, and am waiting on my own link. So I'll be back as soon as I have it. Thanks! Got it 2:00 AM my time :)) Check Here!


This one is run by Brian Moore, a good friend and reader of my blog. It's only ten bucks (AP) and here is how it really works (it is not so clear on the site but am sure Brian will soon fix that up).

It's a 1 by 6 matrix. Everyone works to help each other. How? Well, let's say you join under js. js or someone above will then fill, say, 5 positions under js. Now say blondie joins under js. She goes in the empty slot, position 6. Once js has his six (due to his own efforts or someone above) blondie can start having her six filled. She does not even need to recruit as eventually hers will get filled because she's in the Company matrix which is infinitely deep.

So it's quite unique and worth the ten bucks to try it out. I just joined myself after I understood how the matrix works.

Oh and I trust Brian. So go to the site and look around then join for the ten if you wish and see how it goes. I suspect it will go well. Even during the summer time blues, or heat.

Oh and by the way, Brian must be verifying the AP payment manually and probably entering folks into the matrix manually as well. That's why he says give him 24 hours, as he's not a robot and must sleep once in a while.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Something Completely Different

Joined a new program just now that is completely different from the other things that I am involed in. It was hiped up pretty good this morning by some well known folks on the net, and is currently in pre-launch for one more day.
I went ahead and joined because 1) I wanted to read more about it and 2) It's free to join (for now). Something about 10K double opt-in leads for $9.95? Ummmm ok. There's movies on the site and a webinar in about an hour. You might want to join for free and check it out yourself. I'll decide later what I'm going to do and maybe we can bounce our thoughts off each other.
Here's the Link
PS, you might want to use a 'spam catcher' email box. Just in case you end up being one of those opt-in leads :)

UPDATE: js of 9planetreviews just sent out a wonderful long Scam Alert about this program. He attended the webinar, did his research, and got right out of it! Thanks Detective John. Much appreciated.

However, I'm going to post what was included in Austin's weekly update from his ExtremeSurfs newsletter. It's much shorter and gets right to the point:

"So right into news for this week. Let me first address the issue regarding the program that I sent out last night called the Streamline Funnel. At first glance I thought that this program was going to be one that could be good and also could be workable by the passive to semi passive member. After further research I have found that this is in no way the case. Do Not upgrade in this program. In fact run from this program. It is filled with back end costs and shady things that seem to follow a lot of MLM's."

Thanks to both of you for saving me a lot of grief :))


Yep, it's tomorrow.
I've been faithfully paying everyone all year long here. And will continue to do so till the end of the year cause that's what I agreed to. Hope to get back at least what I've put out! ha!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Loving Memory

Received the news earlier this week that last Sunday (Fathers Day) my Step Mother of 32 years had passed away.

I was not shocked and I was not sad. She was 95 yrs old and lived a long happy life. She was also able to spend all of her days in her own home, (as opposed to a nursing home or hospital bed) which is what she always hoped for.

I personally am very happy for her knowing that she's at rest and will be joining my Father for a little dance festival. She did love to dance you know.

Her Memorial Service is today from 12:00 - 2:00 EST.
She will be missed dearly, and never forgotten.
Mrs Celia Young
Oct 26, 1913 - June 21, 2009


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Enter At Your Own Risk

You know, when I tell you about a new program (a surf program for instance), I tell you everything I know about it.
I jump in at the start and play a little. If I see things are going well, I'll play with a little more. If I see red flags, I'll back off with the hope that my deposits make it through to the end.
Sometimes red flags are hard to spot and we don't catch them in time. It's not my fault. It's not your fault. Every game here is a risk and you must accept that.
I would like to see ALL of us win, all of the time ...
but that just isn't possible nor probable. I've certainly had my fair share of losses. Even when I've entered a program with the utmost confidence, sometimes they crash and burn prematurely and (sad to say) that's just the way it goes.
But that's not gonna stop me from playing again, somewhere else, at some other time and hope to do better next time around.
I've learned over the years to play at my own comfort level. If my deposit makes me sweat before I hit the enter key, I backspace until I can breathe again. Cause if I can't afford to lose it, I don't "bet" it! You should always be prepared for the losses as well as the winnings. Losses hurt, they always do.
But with good timing, knowledge, lack of greed, and luck ... our winnings should exceed our losses. At least that's what I'm bettin on :))



Thursday, June 25, 2009

As Time Goes By

Don't know what to write about yet, so I'll be back, maybe.
First things first, you know?


On a personal note, I can't believe another year has gone by already. Without going into too much detail (as I did last year on this day), (see 1st post for that day), I just want to say ...

Happy Birthday David R Morrison
June 25, 1950 - July 4, 1999

Happy Anniversary Edward & Celia (forever) Young
June 25, 1977

Happy Birthday Carly Simon
June 25, 1945



A-oh! Didn't mean to post a sexually oriented video.
Oops! Well, listen to Carly and cover your eyes :))
(just kidding, it's not bad at all)


It's the stuff that dreams are made of ...

The world will always welcome lovers,
As time goes by!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Post New Post New Post

I need a new post today!
What about?
Something. Nothing. Anything.
Fingers ... get to typing!

By the way, the song I posted yesterday from Woodstock is called "Sweet Judy Blue Eyes". FYI for those not old enough to remember it :P


So is ESP-AP closed now? Are you surprised?
First closing of many (from the same Admin) I would imagine. Profit sharing programs can only last as long as there is profit. Although I'm in a few that are showing profit .. cash outs are still pending.
Well, all the ESP's are dead as far as I'm concerned. RIP


Blue Jays (the birds) sure have a loud voice, don't they? One of mine was just here sitting in the tree, looking through the front door and calling me. That screeching sound they make sure got my attention!! He's eating his peanuts now.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

40 Years Huh?

So this week is the 40 year anniversary of Woodstock. Were you there? Do you remember it? Or were you not born yet? LOL


Well I got up way too early today to make sense of anything yet so I'll be back later if I can remember where I left my brain.



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy's out there!

Whether you are your Children's Daddy, your Critters Daddy or a Sugar Daddy .. you deserve the best!

Hope you have a great relaxing day just like Homey is doing here :))


Also it's the First Day of Summer!!

Just heard on the news that our temp's have been colder than normal for the last 31 out of 32 days. No wonder my veggie garden won't grow! But at least the sunflowers are doing well so the birds, bees and squirrels will enjoy those seeds in the late summer and fall.

Have a Great Day Guys!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Relaxing Today + AP is available at PAC

Just a quick note today and wanted to share some new pics.

That's my little Squirrel friend who sits on that post and stares in the window. Once I open the front door, he runs to the tree and waits for the Peanuts that come raining down from heaven.
Sometimes they hit him right on top of his head! But he don't seem to care. He enjoys the munch.

Unless the Blue Jays get to them first. I didn't know Blue Jays would eat peanuts, but they do! They grab one, take it to that same post, then peck at it till the shell breaks, then peck the peanut into bite size pieces. It's really cute to watch.

OK, I think I need one more critter to complete my set.


I'm Mr Ed

You all remember Mr Ed, the talking horse, right? I'd sure like to have a Mr Ed in my backyard. Especially if the wind would blow his poop smell over the fence to the south where those nasty neighbors are!
Willlll burrrr What's that smell?
(hahaha, sorry. Couldn't help myself :)


Just got a note from PAC / PremiumAdsClub ...
Alert Pay deposits are finally enabled!
Just be sure to Add your AP details in your profile.
Thanks EL and Kazzy! Rock On !


Look, I got 10 more days. Yikes!


Who’s your Role Model?

No cheating ... Just do it!

PLEASE try it without looking at the answers.
(No peeking otherwise you’ll ruin it!)

1) Pick your Favorite number between 1 and 9

2) Multiply by 3, then

3) Add 3, multiply by 3 again (Get the calculator if needed...)

4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number ...

5) Add the digits together …

Scroll down ... with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from the list below :

1. Albert Einstein

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Ronald Reagan

4. Mother Teresa

5. Bill Gates

6. Gandhi

7. Brad Pitt

8. Oprah Winfrey

9. Judy (blondie) Morrison

10. Barack Obama

I know, I know!

I just have that effect on people - one day you too can be like me! Believe it!

P.S. Stop picking different numbers. I’m your idol, just deal with it!



Friday, June 19, 2009

Ahhhhh What To Say Today?

Gord and I, (of Gord's home biz.com, here on the right) are going to share the cost of a Hitman (or hit WOman) for his hosting company and my neighbor. Sounds good to me! hahaha



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cure For The Summertime Blues

What Summertime Blues?!?

We don't need no stinkin summertime blues!!!

Cure # 1 - PAC and their brand new 10% x 12 days advertising program will run all summer!
Cure # 2 - I can't tell you yet since I've been sworn to secrecy. But as soon as the Admin gives the "word", will share it with you here. As of now, only a handful of folks have joined and are helping to "test". Can't wait!!!
Cure # 3 - Iggly Biggly once the members area is fixed, should rock!
Cure # 4 - GNI keeps going and going. I think I hear profit calling my name.

Stay tuned for more :))



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks You Guys :) plus PAC

Couldn't stay online yesterday for more than 5 mins at a time. Laptop kept overheating and shutting down. Today it's gonna be even hotter here. yuck

Thanks for the comments and helping with them. I could stay up long enough to boot up, read a comment, post it ... and then Poof! blank screen :(

Appreciate you all!


Received a payment from Surf Reborn last night. And I must Thank Steve for that. That's just how I am :)
But what about his newest promo? Paying 5% bonus on New deposits IF you post it in MMG?
If the funds are already getting tight, how do you figure offering 5% more to members will make it better? Unless he's planning to forfeit his own '5% payout fee' to balance it out. Well, I doubt that.
So even though I'm trying to see this from both sides ... well my gut is telling me something. I know Steve is trying hard, but will it work?
Just be careful out there, OK?


I'm back and PAC'in!
There aren't too many Admin's out there that I know I can trust. Kazzy and EL are one of the exceptions. I have played in PAC both times around with NO disappointment. Today they have launched a New Summertime Advertising Program. And the details are:

OUR SUMMER SPECIAL PLAN (lasts till October 1st!)


I, along with many others jumped right into it!! They sure have a lot supportive members out there, and they deserve it!

Remember since they've RE-opened, after you log-in you will need to set your Membership level first. Then add funds to your wallet. Then you can purchase to your little hearts desire from your wallet funds.
Ad Packs come in sets of $5.
Hope to see you there :))


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just received in my May 27th comments:
"Is this the same Blondie in GNI,If so,how is that going?"
I dunno. Where did you see me at?
Yes I am in GNI but don't post too many places.
And it is going very nicely so far :)


I think it's time to remove my Surf Reborn banner from the right. I don't want anyone joining new because I'm concerned with the stats. Got a feeling money in today might not make it 13 days. You know what I'm sayin, right?


And did I just read Surfing Avenue is late on payments? A-oh. Guess I'll ditch them too.
Just heard from Rod of RodsPassiveIncome ...
Surfing Avenue Is doing refunds.
Gilbert closed down upgrades 2 days ago.
So there you have it.
Thanks Rod :))


Someone asked me the other day if 10DollarsWonder was still in business. Ahhh yeah, I guess so. It's still cycling as long as you play by the rules. Received a payment just now:
Date: June, 16 2009 11:23:43 AM
Amount Sent: $25.00 USD
Message: 10dollarswonder $25 payment


Need to do a few things around here and make a phone call. I'll BBL

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Such a Good Day

A friend and I were chatting last night about Steve and his surfing programs. I must admit until now I've had no problems with getting paid from them. However I have a 10 day old pending withdrawal in ESP-SP.
Of course I played by the Rules and put in over 75% the day of my w/d request. But it's still sitting there unpaid :(
So in our opinion, all of the ESP's are good as dead, and I'm not playing anymore.

Completed another Day 13 at Surf Reborn today. Tomorrow it will go to pending. Looking at the stats there ... well, they're getting a little too close for comfort. I know Steve is an honest Admin and will continue to pay as long as the money is there. But there's only so much to go around, you know? Unless he can grow it on trees, ha! Just be careful and only play with what you can afford to lose. And remember these are all games, OK?


My regular internet connection isn't working again. It's been raining every afternoon which seems to cause my line to go out. So today I'm using my regular phone line. Dang. Hope I don't get any emergency calls.


Spotted a lost dog on my street this morning. Then there were two. Hmm. Next thing I know, there are three. Holy Cow, then Four! They were all romping and playing and having a good old time.
Well I wasn't dressed yet or I'd have gone out to check their tags. Before I could put my shoes on, here comes the Animal Control truck. Bummer.
Wonder what it costs to Bail a Dog out of Jail these days? Not to mention Four!!


Am going to tell you about a new surf site, but I need to do something else here first. So BRB

Oh heck ... I lied. My laptop overheated so I went outside and fertilized my backyard lawn. Then it overheated again, so I did some laundry. Then it overheated again, so I ate popcorn and fed some to the birds and squirrels.

I really DO have a new site to tell you about. Just not sure if I can get it done today. But it really doesn't matter cause it's closed for new registrations now anyway. So DO keep an eye on me, OK? Appreciate you guys! Thanks a bunch!


Before I forget ... I received a payment from MyNetWealthTeam today! Whew! Just in time to pay my electric bill that came in the mail. Thanks Thomas and all who are involved!! Was about $74 bucks this time so I sure can't complain.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well Knock My Socks Off !

Someone sent a comment last night to my blog post from May 8th, 2008. Am just scratching my head over that one. Most folks don't read back that far anyway and what s/he said was untrue. So I am not going to post it.
I do want to clarify something though because I don't want this person spreading rumors that are absolutely FALSE!

Here's a portion of it:
10wonder is also a scam. it is also owned and operated by the owner of 9planet reviews.
they previously had a cycler: they ran it for a few months, took a lot of money then closed it down owing thousands.

Now that's just hogwash!!!
I worked for 10dollarswonder and the two programs he ran before that. I know both Chung (10dw) and JS (9planetreviews) personally. They are NOT involved together in 10dw. JS is just a member/supporter and has no other interest in it.
Now Adie (person who commented) ... Please don't spread rumors like that to others. You are very very WRONG!


OK, trying to regain my composure here after a good laugh! JS wrote in his blog that he's sending Vince out after this guys dog. hahaha


Received more payments yesterday from Surf Reborn. Haven't been there yet today to check on things. Hopefully all is fine.


I had a lot of dreams last night about Aliens. At least I hope they were dreams ... but they sure seemed real. Maybe cause it was thundering so much and scaring the crap otta me.


I'm started to get concerned about one of my surf sites. Am not going to say which one yet but ... TOS say payouts in 3 days. It's been 7 for me. And I AM a regular poster in forums ..so no excuse there Admin. I'll keep you abreast on how it all works out, ok?


Silly Boxers! You gotta luv em!!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Muddy

I should do some gardening today, but it rained hard last night so it'll be all muddy out there. What do you think?
Mud Pies or Mud Wrestling? ha!


Just logged into Surf Reborn which set my completed ad pack to pending payment. Requested a couple of referral comm's too. Remember guys, you DO need to surf every day, else you will NOT earn for that day and your payout earnings will be shy.


My cat brought that snake in AGAIN yesterday. I got it away from him and he ran outside (the cat). So I put the snake in the sink until I could switch them. Poor little snake. He looked really beat up this time but he did slither away when I put him back out. Dang cat!


So who remembers "Mammoth List". It was an online chain letter where you send 4 or 5 folks $5 each, get added to the list to receive $5 from others. Well once I realized what it was (which could be illegal), I quickly stopped promoting it. BUT the guy running it, Clay M. has made over 42K. Now how would that happen? Am guessing the Admin gets paid each time. But that would mean a lot of frickin members. And I seriously doubt that. Something smells fishy there.
At least I got him to delete my account. Was tired of all his spamming ... oh I mean advertising :)


NHL Fans ... Don't forget to turn on the tube tonight to watch the Detroit Red Wings WIN the Stanley Cup!!!
Yep, I feel it. Go Red Wings!!!


I'll be back in a few.
Need to go think something through.


When you sign into your Iggly Biggly back office, check your profile. You will need to fill in some info. about how you want to be paid, when the time comes that is. And if you don't have an STP account, I have a banner here on the right for them. OK cool.


Going outside to get warm. It's freezing in the house.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Up?

Not much to say today.
I had planned to catch up here since I didn't post anything yesterday, but my mind is drawing a blank right now. Maybe I slept too much.


I did receive 2 more RC payments from Surf Reborn overnight. And I have another ad pack that will trigger over to pending when I log in tomorrow. This is definitely my favorite surf right now :)


Looking at 10dollarswonder and can't decide if I should withdraw or repurchase. Wish he didn't make those promo's last for months. Most folks don't stay interested that long and everything seems to slow down after the first 30 days ... and this last promo is no exception. Well maybe the Admin will figure that out eventually and be more active himself in updates and communication.


I'll come back if anything exciting happens.
But I have 2 new tomato plants that need to get in the ground today. The two I planted a month ago are just sitting there looking stupid. haha

Oops, thunder storm coming in fast.
I'll be back if I can.
Later :))


Got a story to tell you tomorrow about "Mammoth List" and Clay Montgomery who runs it. Dont' let me forget, ok?

Or maybe I just need to do a bitchin day tomorrow. Can I do that? There are things I need to get off my chest and maybe sharing them with you all will make me feel better. OK?

Night all :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Name In Lights ... & more added tonight

Saw my name in lights yesterday over at Austin and Joes ExtremeSurf's Blog. It was just what the Doctor ordered for the "blue day" I was having.
He wrote about honest bloggers who will shoot you straight. And he must have meant it, cause he said it twice in the same paragraph! (smile)
I was happy to see my blog included with the others. Yep, we honest guys need to stick together. Right? Right!
Thanks Austin for cheering me up :)
Oh and today he's got "A Newbies Guide To AutoSurfing". Awesome! I'll go check it out as soon as I'm done here. Am sure it's a great article.
6:40 PM my time ... finally got a chance to read Austin's article. WOW! That was great Austin! Can't say there was much there that took me by surprise, but you gotta remember, I've been here a long time too. I think he really hit the nail on the head though. Play safe and do have fun!


Iggly Biggly Folks ... Great new Update at MLM Divas Forum. Scroll down to post #293. Also I need one more 'personal' referral there to complete my matrix.
Any takers? (wink)


One Last Thing ... GO RED WINGS!!! But I really don't want them to win tonight cause my Son is out of town on business. Would be better if they do it in the final game when he'll be back home to enjoy it more!


I just saw a New news update over at 10dollarswonder. Keep an eye on your account, else you'll find the auto-repurchase kicking in. Don't forget now.


Completed another Day 13 over at Surf Reborn. So when I log in tomorrow, that unit will automatically go to pending. Then I just wait 24-48 hrs for payment! (although Steve's been sending them really fast!) Thanks again to all who are supporting this surf site. It's a good one!!

Update from Steve today.
And thanks Hula for posting in the forums. I'm not getting his updates anymore for some strange reason. And I'm happy as hell that he's NOT changing anything. YaY!!


There are many members urging me to increase the daily upgrade limit($200 daily upgrade limit) because they really want to upgrade more everyday. As much as I would like to, SurfReborn's current $200 daily upgrade limit is working like a charm so I don't think I will be increasing it any time soon or ever for that matter. Why fix it if it ain't broke right...?

SurfReborn smashed past the $83,000 total upgrade level and quickly heading towards the $90,000 total upgrade level. As far as I'm concerned as long as members continue to support SurfReborn in the forums and continue to promote SurfReborn, I see no reason why we can't keep going....


SurfReborn is also only 62 members shy of reaching 1,000 members.


Found my PIF person for the 4x1Fortune Cycler yesterday. So I'll be helping him with that a little later today. And that makes me happy :))


I gotta remember to check my numbers over at MyNetWealthTeam. Should have a few bucks in there that I can withdraw. I'll come back later and tell you how it went.


Sitting here trying to type and I keep hearing my email click. Shoot. Spam spam and more spam. (sigh) Was hoping it was money notices. Maybe next time.


Am expecting a payout from ESP-SP any day now. Still earning 3% daily there on my purchased ad packs. No complaints here :)


Off to shower.
I need to grab some groceries while they're still on sale. Every little bit helps, you know?
Have a good one!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Rainy Days And Mondays

Go see yesterday's post about the 4x1Fortune cycler. The person I "bought in" realized they already had a position. So my one PIF is up for grabs. And honestly, I'd prefer paying it forward for someone who really needs it. k?


TLennon, the attorney for the 12dailypro refunds sent us a new email with a link to verify your home/mailing address and phone. You must fill out the form and 'confirm it' if you wish to be included in the refund process.


Am having to use my main phone line to be here now. So don't call me. If I'm here, I'm not there, and visa-versa.
I had ice cream for breakfast. Van/Choc/Straw with Choc Syrup. mmmmm


The PAC banner is back up but the site won't load for me yet. So maybe it's coming back slowly.


A month ago I planted a nice vegetable garden. But the sun doesn't shine anymore, so nothing is growing. It's just sitting there looking the same as it did when I planted it. (sigh)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Much To Say

I'm going through a slump in my life, like many others. So I haven't been very talkative lately. Plus between my PC overheating or the phone lines not working, the time I spend here needs to be productive. Not just me rambling on about nothing. You know?
So what's new? Anything? Not much here.

Surf Reborn continues to grow and Steve is doing a great job with fast payouts. I now have 3 positions running, one of them will expire in 3 more days. And I just received a ref. comm. payout. Thanks Steve. Will go post in the forums now :)


I see that the Admin from USDozen has started a new program. Well, I'm not joining. The positions range from $5 to $1200. How long do you think that will last? Plus the fact that the front page makes no sense to me. It says 10% x 12 days ... 144% after 12 days. What?!? Somebody should buy Roger a calculator. It's called "investimates.com" and I DO NOT recommend it.

OK, someone told me I need reading glasses. There's 2 plans to choose from. I don't care. I'm still not playing. And you shouldn't either.


Here is the MLM Divas forum thread for the 4x1Fortune Cycler. They are doing a PIF (pay it forward) there and since Paul got me all my referrals which cycled me, I am willing to PIF for one person also. You do need an Alert Pay account.
Check the program, check the thread, and PM me there with your request. Yes, you must be a forum member. First come, first serve, OK? Cool :)
And of course I am "blondie" at the forum. You'll see my posts there.

UPDATE: Just had a request for the PIF money from a very faithful reader :) So unless you hear from me again, "the buck stops here". haha Paul at MLM Divas IS however still buying folks in. So check the thread if you're interested.


I'll be back later if I can.
I just never know when this thing is gonna crash.
See ya :))

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnski :)

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Johnski
Happy Birthday to You !!!

Now make a wish and blow out the candles!

Yes, today is JS's 35th Birthday for the ... ummmm ... umpteenth time, LOL
Be sure to stop by his blog and wish him well, give him a hug, cuss him out, or flip him off ... what ever you usually do to folks on their really really REALLY old birthdays!!!
Yeah, he's 50, but doesn't like to admit it, har!

Hope you have a Great Birthday John!
Am glad you're still here!


Having a read hard time staying online lately. I need to call the phone company once I get off of here. Plus I have out-of-town company hanging around which makes it hard to be here and try to concentrate, right? right.
If you don't see me again,
Have a good day!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can Blondie Come Out and Play?

I know, I know ... missed a day of posting.
My friend just asked me if I was still alive? har!
Was a little "out of it" yesterday so I just sat back and watched it rain all day. I love the rain. Makes the air so clean and fresh, you know?


OK this is important.
Just got word of a new search engine from js via his Alert system.
Now I've lost my alert email addresses a while back BUT below is what he wrote (which sounds really good!) If you're interested, please send me a note to: blondiejudy@gmail.com and I'll send you my own link. I just joined myself so take it easy on the questions. Have a lot of other things on my mind right now, OK? But I was told this is a MUST JOIN NOW thing. It's free so join and watch the movie.
PS, I'll be here till 8 MST, then off to downtown. But back in the AM.

I can't even publish the below in my blog! Can you believe that? So it grabbed my attention.

Wow, these folks force you to sign a non-disclosure agreement and you can't post your link or anything about them anywhere. But you are allowed to send your link to your list, personal friends, family, that's about it. Very hush hush.

It's a search engine. That's all I can tell you. Sign up, agree to the Non Disclosure Agreement, and watch the videos.

Again, I can't even post this in my blog! And am excited about it! I can't tell you more. So sign up for free and watch the movies."


Woke to a couple of RC payments from Surf Reborn. So now I've saved up enough to make yet another upgrade. I sure do feel good about this one. And Steve is doing a great job of running it. Thanks to all who've joined!


Speaking of which, ESP-SP and ESP-LR have both been paying me 3% daily for quite a while now. Whereas ESP-STP and AP seem to have run their course. Remember this is profit sharing site, and if there's no profit, there's nothing to pay. Simple right?


You know what? I don't like surprises. Anything that takes me out of my "comfort zone" is hard for me to handle. Grumpy? Yeah maybe. I just got a "surprise" that means my life and my time here will be limited or 'put on hold' for a day or two. Not real happy about that especially since I had plans for tomorrow, and now they need to be postponed. Dang! Oh well, guess I just have to go with the flow for now and try to make the most of it.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, June 1st and Raining

Was reading in a forum yesterday about a program that's just not making enough 'daily profit' at the moment to satisfy it's members. So what are the members doing? Asking for refunds. Too frickin funny. Don't they realize that money is already gone to pay other members? And they agreed to the No Refund Terms when they joined. Oh well, some just don't listen or just like to bitch. And you know .. they shouldn't be playing these games if they don't understand the rules and/or the risk.


I'm lettin my hair down. I have to tie it up at night else it would strangle me in my sleep. ha!


Did I mention I got a payment from Surf Reborn last night? Nope, just checked and I didn't. It was late so I jumped over to a couple of forums and posted it there. Thanks Steve and referrals! This pmt was for commissions only.
And have you seen the numbers climbing at the site? Not too fast which is good. Just a nice steady flow of new members and purchases. Thumbs up!


Premium Ads Club - PAC has been suffering from a DDOS attack for how long? .. a week now? That's a long time isn't it? I also read something about Alert Pay holding some of their money hostage. What's that all about?!?
Well, if they still owe you a refund, I'm hoping you'll get it soon. In the meantime, maybe I should take their banner off my site eh?


Coffee coffee ... where's my coffee?
And why am I talking so much today?
I'll go do my surfing and shut my trap for a few.


Anybody remember this song?
I was thinking about it today and managed to find it on youtube.
Enjoy :))