Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday's are good too

Just read a really good update email from Michael Badger. Sounds like he's got a plan for our future that I'm really going to like. If you're not a member yet and would like to know the details of his note (it's too long to post here), send an email to and I'll send it off to you. I'd like you have a "taste" of his style and personality.


Have also been enjoying seeing my profit go up daily in SandellandPartners. For those who haven't heard of them yet, they are a 100% Legal Horse LayBetting Club. You earn 2% daily on your "bet" for 90 days. The % could go up sometime in the future if he is earning more than anticipated :) Plus you are able to Compound your earnings to make even more. It's proving to be a very nice way to accumulate some bucks. And their motto is: "Take the Gamble Out of Gambling". Works for me!


I have Cozy101 on my radio here in the Denver area. They're playing all the songs that I like from the "old days". Did you ever think, when you were 18, that someday you'd be using the term "the old days?" shoot.

See you in a bit,

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