Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday already? Oops

Guess I missed a day posting. Oh well. Was busy watching the Colorado Rockies get their butts kicked last night in the first game of the World Series of Baseball. Hope they play better next game :)


Update on Business Profit Pro ...
Like many other new programs, BPP had some growing pains right at the start. First e-gold blocked their accounts so Liberty Reserve was all we could use. So I hustled and bustled and got myself an LR account. Then, the fast thinking Admin and Support quickly decided on a new pay-processor, SolidTrustPay. I haven't used them yet but have heard they are very good and have superior support.

So although Day 1 got off to a rocky start, I can say that the program did what it was supposed to do and PAID ME my first day's earnings :D

Today they are having a few problems with their hosting company. That too is being worked on while I write this. I'm sure they'll have the problem fixed soon. If the site won't load, please check back a little later. They might be changing hosting companies so it could take a little while.

If you haven't joined yet, take another look around. They already have a lot of loyal members and great support via mmg's forum as well.


Went to do my surfing at IncomeStorm and saw that they moved my last pending withdrawal back to my account balance. Does anyone know WHY they do that? This is the 2nd time it happened to me. There is nothing wrong with my e-gold account. Oh well, I'll surf and withdraw a larger amount today. No big deal I suppose. Just a little confusing.


See you a bit later. I need to snoop around some other sites.


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