Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday - launch of BPP

I think BPP - BusinessProfitPro will have a good launch. Over 300 members and still growing. Although the site is currently down, just read in mmg that the hosting company is working on it and it should be back up shortly. I hope they don't miss their launch time. I'll keep checking and hope you are too :)

UPDATE on BPP: seems their e-gold accounts were blocked prior to launch so no one was able to upgrade using e-gold. Liberty Reserve was the other payment processor being used. So without hesitation I went ahead and set up a new account at Liberty Reserve. Then, to get it funded, I could have used another exchange site that would take a minimum of 15 hours to complete, OR use one a little more pricey but FAST! So I went to Autocambist and did my exchange. Was completed in less than 5 minutes. They do charge a 12% fee so I didn't exchange a lot of money. Just enough to get me started today!

I also heard that the Admin of BPP will be adding SolidTrustPay as a payment processor shortly. So those of you with STP accounts will be good to go!


Getting a little concerned about IncomeStorm. My last withdrawal has been pending since the 18th. 5 days is too long. Maybe they're running out of money? Be careful if you're playing there.


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