Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday's News

Cycler? Did somebody say Cycler?
Just caught wind of a new cycler coming this Tuesday. (thanks js) I'll get info as soon as I can and will let you know the details.


BusinessProfitPro has successfully transfered over to a new hosting company and are now working on added security from BlackLotus. The site is fully functional for some, but I am still having trouble getting in myself. I'll try again tomorrow before the end of their server day. So please come back tomorrow if you're trying to join and can't access the site.

In the meantime, I'll earning 12% daily from their profit sharing pool. Can't complain about that.

But you know ... these poor guys have been fighting one thing after another and have come through with flying colors after each incident. Kudos to the Admin & staff!


Very sad day in baseball here yesterday. The Colorado Rockies lost their 1st home game and the 3rd game of the World Series. If they don't win tonight, it's all over. So let's hope for a Winning Night for the Rockies! (anybody got a 4 leaf clover?) Go Rockies!!!


Have a good Sunday,

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