Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday 10/30 - Not JUST a Cycler - Updated Nov 1st

Should be a fun day today. Waiting for some updates myself.


Here's an update on DailyFreeLoans.

And js, I'm borrowing your words :)) ok?

From today, 11/01/07:

The new programme that just launched a couple of days ago (DailyFreeLoans) is moving along... but slowly for now, apparently by design (according to Joseph Shipley). Joseph Shipley plans to launch a campaign tomorrow and keep it going by sending out e-mails to thousands of opt-ins. Well, let’s hope so. Am already in profit. And underneath? It is a cycler, as your positions cycle, exactly the way as they did in ShareInTheWealth. It’s the same script. And it looks like $5 per cycle on each position.

So am hoping this one will last quite a bit longer."

And from Oct 30th:

The game is back up and running. And it's not a cycler. It's the ShareInTheWealth script! So your shares never expire.

I guess the way it was described to me by my sponsor lead me to believe it was one of fast and furious cyclers. It's not.

So you have plenty of time to join, as this one should run at least 20 days, based on how the other one did.

I made money in the last one, (blondie: so did I) and you should in this one. You need not recruit, just purchase shares.

The folks behind this one have a wide reach in terms of recruits, downlines, and so on. So I expect this one to go for quite a while."

Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks John.

Here's my link: http://www.dailyfreeloans.com?blondie

I originally held off buying-in cause they weren't showing any stats on front page. They are now! SO LET'S DO IT!! I'm in :)

And remember, it's a game. Do not play with more than you can afford to lose. Get in early if you can. And don't bet the farm. Should be fun :D


As Arnold would say: "I'll be back"

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