Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few More Details on RevShare Advertising

RevShare Advertising that I mentioned yesterday is currently up to 456 members and growing by the minute. That's pretty darn good with less than 4 days to launch.

- Launches at 9 AM EDT on Oct 22nd.
- Only the Daily Earner Plan can be purchased at that time.
- Each share costs $10.
- You will earn every 30 minutes with a fixed ROI up to 3%-4% daily which will mature at 150%

- The 95% RevShare will open 4 days later. You'll earn every hour with no fixed hourly ROI. Matures at 150% also.
- You must view at least 3 advertiser ads daily.
- You must purchase in the Daily Earner Plan before you can participate in the RevShare plan.
- The RevShare could be fast and furious when it opens so it would be best to be there at launch time if you can.

- There is a 25% repurchase rule for both plans.
- Accepts EgoPay, Payeer, PM and STP (my favorite).

I think that covers it. All of that information is also in the Welcome Letter that you receive when you register, but do give me a holler if I missed anything important. Comments are always welcome.

Was Paid last night from
777Payouts and OneStability.
Thank you Admins :)

Re: OneStability, I now have a 30% return from my initial spend.
777Payouts has slowed a bit but I'm sure that's due to the increasing amount of AdPacks that members have running.

I'm going to be sort of busy tomorrow cleaning up around here for an Insurance Adjuster coming on Monday. Hopefully I'll get a new roof, siding and maybe a couple of windows from that dang Hail damage we had awhile back. Wish me Luck!

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