Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tomorrows Launch

RevShareAdvertising is launching their Revenue Share plan tomorrow. Please check the site for the official launch time in your area. Every time I check, it seems to move an hour further away, lol.
Currently showing a 9:00 AM launch for me so that would be 11:00 AM EST.
Here's a portion of their email with a few details:

Take Note of The Following:

-RSA has two good sustainable plans put together and we want you to take advantage of the two.

-Add Money to your wallet now, using the FUND WALLET link in your member area

-Buy one or more adshare in the Daily Plan to qualify for the PURE REVSHARE PLAN

-If you have bought in the Daily Plan before now, you are qualified.

-Use your referral link to invite family and friends as you will earn referral commission down to 3 level in all their purchase in Daily Plan and Pure Revshare Plan

-Calculate the launch timer hours to know when it will be in your country and stay close to your laptop during that time.

And something they didn't note:
- Minimum RevShare Purchase is 2 units = $20
- 25% of what you earn will go into your repurchase balance.
- Don't forget to Surf! You must surf at least 3 sites daily to be eligible for earnings in the RevShare Plan.
-- Best time to do your surfing... right after the server day change. Was 6 PM for me, would be 8 PM EST.
- Only 1 withdraw request allowed per day.

I'll be here when this launches and watching the action.
Good Luck to All who are Playing!!

PS, our Daily Earner Plan is steady at 3.84% daily.
Sure hope it stays that way :))

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