Thursday, October 16, 2014


You ever see the movie "The Replacements"?
Good movie and I'm about to play that card myself.

AdsRevClub launching on Monday has lost my interest. My friend sent in a support ticket four days ago which was never answered.
Hello! That's no way to treat members especially gearing up for a new launch. Apparently they don't care about their program so it has gone bye-bye from my eyes too.

In it's place, I have taken a liking to OneLineAd.

As you can see from the banner, Ad Packs cost $5 each.
You will earn 3% a day for 45 days unless and until that position completes a cycle in their 4x1 matrix.
When that happens, you earn $20 but there is a 25% repurchase rule.

Never seen anything quite like this so am anxious to get started and see how it goes.

Launch is scheduled for Tuesday at 11:00 EST and of course all information can be found in the Details button and/or the FAQ's.

PAS: Good News! I got paid! Took a little longer than usual but it's all good. YaY!!


OneStability: cashed out and got paid yesterday.
Will wait another day to cash out again in order to save on those pesky pay processor fees. Doing good.

777Payouts: I'm an idiot. Logged in this morning and went to re-purchase from my re-purchase balance and didn't check the drop down menu. Oops. Ended up purchasing with my 'unpaid balance' instead.
Well, at least now I'll remember to double check where I'm spending money from.
In the meantime, I bought 2 more instead of the one I had planned for. That's OK. It's still moving along nicely so should be able to get that back in no time :)

Oh it's Thursday! I need to go surf at ShowBiz and collect those extra 75 credits for surfing only 25 sites. Whoop Whoop.

Don't forget to 'Enter Surf Code'... surf.


Randy V said...

Hey Judy!

Its funny that you mentioned the movie The Replacements. I watched it today on TV. It was a good movie...of course I always like anything sports.

Hope things are well.


blondie said...

Hey Randy,
It's like we're all connected in some way.
I like Sports movies too. They're always fun.
Have a great weekend!