Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Reminders

OneLineAd opens tomorrow at 11 AM EST.
- AdPacks are $5 each and earn 3% daily for 45 days unless (or until) that pack completes a cycle in the 4 x 1 Matrix. In that case, you're paid out from the cycler ($20) and your earning on that pack will stop.
- STP, Payza, EgoPay and PM are accepted.
- Members can purchase 10 position per 24 hour period.
- There is a 25% repurchase rule.
I am going to play with a little and see how it goes. There's only 355 members as I write this so I'll be sure not to overspend.

RevShare Advertising has changed their launch day to Thursday, Oct 23rd. Looks like 9 AM EST for this one (yawn for me) and their current member count is 1,249.
- Daily earner ad packs are $10 each and expire when they earn 150%
- These ad packs have an earning cap of 3% to 4% daily depending on business of the day.
The 95% Revenue Share will open 4 days after the daily plan and I'll discuss that one again later. We've got plenty of time.
I'll be playing in this one too unless something comes up that makes me back off.

In other news:
Was Paid again overnight from OneStability,

and paid again instantly from PerfectAdSolution.

Had another Media Pack complete at 777Payouts and have 2 more right on it's tail. One more payout to me and I'll be at BEP with a few more packs still running.

Now I know of some members who like to compound til the cows come home, but be careful if you do that. You never know when the floor could drop out from under your feet. Kapish?

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