Thursday, October 9, 2014

She's Baaaaaack

Howdy Howdy. Did ya miss me? lol
Added a Gadget here on my side bar called "Follow by Email". I tested it out yesterday and it's pretty cool. You can subscribe to get a notification email when I do a new blog post. Now of course, in that email, you won't see any cute pictures or get to listen to any music I might post, but at least you'll know I'm still alive and kickin and writing.

While I've been away, it's not like I've been doing nothing. Actually been doing some Spring Cleaning. Spring? Yeah Spring.
I don't recall having much of a spring this year. Seems like it just went from Snowing to Melting Hot overnight. So those dang walls needed washing. And the windows. And the carpet. All of which are really time consuming and tiring, especially at my age. So I'm gonna finish up one room today and take a break for a few. Still more to do but it can wait.

Yesterday I joined and am watching AdsRevClub. It doesn't Launch for 11 more days so we've got plenty of time to dig into it a little more.
Not sure why the long pre-launch period but that's OK. It's sort of like a "getting to know you" time before we commit our funds.
$10 Ad Packs pay out 5% Daily but the kick is, there's a 30% repurchase rule in place. Now to me, that's a smart move for longevity and should keep the HAR's at bay. But will it also keep some from joining? Hard to tell at this point so let's keep an eye on it for now.

SPARBS: I completed another 15 day plan yesterday and went back in for another using the same principal amount as before. Of course I cashed out my 'earnings' from that time period and was paid fast.
Good Job Admin :)

PAS did a revshare restart just hours after I purchased another $25 plan. Duh! Talk about timing. Anyway, all is good and I'm earning on that spend, just not as fast as I would have liked. 

Earlier today we have gone through a RevShare restart.
It means that all of your old shares have expired and you were given new compacted-shares which will be earning 2% a day.
RevShare restarts help the program be sustainable for as long as it can.
Currently we have 2235 registered members - isn't that amazing?
We're growing stronger every day!

Also tomorrow will be PAS's 3 month anniversary. Now that's pretty awesome if you ask me. Congrats PAS and Members.


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Came into the lounge to grab a drink and read the news...

Where's the tequila?

My opinion is that the majority of folks into money making here online need to concentrate more on 'long term' programs similar to a couple/three years ago.

Even high ROI sites lasted longer than they do today.

I'm not sure if it's intentional these days with opening plans catering to the HAR strategy or Admins are just plain not... thinking it thru... about what the consequences are.

Program's processors get cleaned out in a hurry by mass HARing while leaving other members in a loss situation.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it

Welcome back

blondie said...

The problem with 'long term' is we need someone we can trust. And with all these 'so called' new Admins, it's not possible.

Some of the Admins may open with the intention of it not running long. Long enough to cover their fees, make some money for themselves and poof. Gone.

This sure has turned into a tough way to make a few bucks these days.

Thanks for your Story :)
I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I think sparbs as a long term program has proven to be trustworthy. I guess its a matter of spreading the word.

blondie said...

Absolutely mm,
Sparbs has been great and also running since July. No complaints here :)